Subscribing to NFL Gamepass by VPN

Hey guys, has anyone been able to sign up for NFL gamepass for a cheaper price via VPN? I only seem to be able to get a more expensive price no matter what country I try.


  • Have you tried India? That worked for me last year. Paid USD$99/yr

    • Yeah i could find good prices last year, but nothing good this year.

      • so, just checked, ive got auto re-sub activated. But the NFL website is shit and i cant see how to modify that. So i assume it will go through tonight at USD$99. If not, well, we'll be in the same boat. Have you got yours to auto renew? I received an email recently that said it will resub the same price as last year.

        • I got the email but it hasn't renewed and it's already the 2nd of August

      • If you try say, india, does it have a Gamepass "presented by TAB" logo at the bottom? If so, maybe you need to clear cache etc and refresh your browser when going to the gamepass website.

        • No TAB stuff when I connect through a VPN host in India but the price goes up 2$ and I think it's USD.

  • -1

    No, never tried

  • I tried india just now and it was $99 (not $174AUD) but only mentioned pre season and full game replays on the "find out more" tab - anyone else sub'd yet?

  • I just got the Game Pass for $137 AUD by connecting to Argentina via VPN. That's the best I could find, and sure beats paying $275.

    • yeah i did mexico or brazil in the end, for $135 AU.

  • I feel you as I faced the same problem. As I don't have a cable TV, I looked for a way to watch Gamepass on Firestick and was lucky to find a good guide here So, I installed the mentioned service. It costs $99.99/year, but now I have access to replays of every NFL game all season long. Also, I am provided with other options like full audio streams, condensed game replay mode that cuts the playtime to about 45 minutes, and more. I guess it is worth it.