Samsung S21 Wall Charger & Cord Recommendation


I am looking for recommendations on affordable chargers and cable for a Samsung s21.
In the past I have bought cheap cords off ebay and am having so many issues charging. Time to upgrade to a 25W or 45W.




    I'm also looking for this too, just got a S21. :X

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    Bought this charging station for $24.89 through eBay using the Google Pay discount of $10 code: PYGGL10

    Asked the seller as there description states,.. if this supports 45 watt PD 3.0 PPS AFK protocol for my 5G Note 10 Plus and upwards to initiate "Super Fast Charging" at 45 watts on the top 2x PD ports of charging station,.. with a yes it does reply, just purchased yesterday and should arrive in 5 to 9 days will report back here to confirm for sure

    BlitzWolf 6 Ports QC3.0 PD Fast Charger Wall Charging Adapter Cable w/ Base Phone Rack

    Charging Protocols: PD3.0/QC2.0/QC3.0/BC1.2 DCP/ Apple 2.4A/AFC/FCP

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    The S21 can only charge at 25W max, so if you buy 100W it'll still only charge at 25W.

    Honestly I find charging at 25W makes me lose battery quicker - I'm not sure if it's something proven but i charged to 100% this morning and barely touched my phone and it's 47% when usually it would be 60% with heavier usage.


      I must admit I have wondered about the fast charge, the battery life on my S21 is pretty ordinary and I'm not a heavy user