OzBuyItNow Scam Site? Online Check Says Too Young a Website, Owner Hidden & Hosted in Iceland

Checking on OzBuyItNow website (got lots of emails in Spam). Online check says links to other iffy sites AND products sold are mostly sold by scam sites. Previously on OzBargain website BUT eBay site seems to get good reviews - are they legit??

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  • Looks like a generic site selling the usual drop shipped stuff from china?

    Not sure what the appeal would be to buy from it.

    • Agreed BUT most spam/scam emails fail my first test - my email address has letters And then [Capital Letter]2[Capital Letter] - 99% of all spam or scam can't seem to handle this so it's "Hey k????????? [email protected] com". Auto software leaves that one number blank - and OzBuyItNow email did have proper address.

  • OzBuyItNow does have a valid SECURITY CERTIFICATE but online check says scammers are increasing using them too. (Sorry no link - don't want to send people to possible scam site - will post previous OzB expired link below)


  • Buy from somewhere else if you're unsure.

  • What is “legit” to you?
    If they are drop shipper operating out of an apartment, with limited service capabilities? Probably.
    Are they setup like Myer? No.
    Are they trying to defraud you, with no intention of supply? Probably not.

  • i've purchased from them. No issues at all.

  • Pretty sure I've bought stuff on eBay from them before

  • Hosted in Iceland? Sounds random.

    From the look of what's on there, I'd rather get it via Amazon or similar where your chances of a positive resolution if something does go wrong are just that much better.

  • Yeah the security certificate means their SSL is up and working so at least that part is secure for putting in details on their webpage.

  • Hosted by Ontario - Ottawa - Shopify Inc.

  • +1

    Yeah I used the following site and Was a bit bamboozled by all the Iceland bits - yeah does say country Canada & one of the cloudflares is Japan.


    Doesn't look as professional a website checker as OOzy's link - first bit seems mostly review orientated.

    One of the Trust sites did give All green ticks.

    • Placed order on the 27/7/21 ("Each order will be despetched <—Spelling, from warehouse 48 hours max!")
      Their Claim "Ship from our Sydney warehouse or Melbourne warehouse".
      Sent 2 messages - No replies..Guess I'm out $87.00 bucks.
      Live & Learn i guess.

      • They should have a generic Delays due to Covid like lots of sites do.

        Assuming actual delivery from China/HK could take as long as 6 weeks pre-Covid.

        Unknown number of sellers in eBay say in Australia, Sydney etc. but are IN or order their sale products from C/HK direct to buyer.

        EDIT could still work might be just RS tracking - I got a PopSocket recently (small enough for envelope so Aust Post and Postal Ninja sites said no tracking) after about 6 days weird tracking number kicked in & showed up sent-in transit & finally delivered - first 6 letters of number were the package company name.

        And bad email/message response is not always a bad sign - might be V busy or lock-down so no-one to answer.