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50% off First Invoice - Managed WordPress Hosting @ SequelWP


SequelWP is Australia's own fully owned and developed in-house Managed WordPress solution.

We are very different from most cPanel / Plesk Managed WordPress options that are currently out in the market, such as:

  • Every WP site is its own VPS. 100% dedicated resources just for your site.
  • Redundant Edge servers that process SSL, rules and filters requests before it hits your server.
  • Custom Mod_security rules built on WPScan data to protect against the latest vulnerabilities in WordPress.
  • Deploy your WordPress site in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth with international locations coming soon!
  • We're all developers, so when you contact support you're getting the best support available by technicians that can actually fix your problem.
  • We offer a free optimisation service to ensure your WP site is running the best it can be.

And we offer all the normal things you'd expect with Managed WordPress, such as:

  • Production & staging environments
  • Backup snapshots
  • Automatic updates
  • Hack fix guarantee
  • Free SSL certificates
  • CDN included
  • 24/7 Website monitoring

We're offering 50% off your first invoice (Monthly or Annual payment cycles) on any one of our plans.

For customers with more than 20 sites, you are eligible for partner pricing. We have an API available if you wish to integrate it into your business and WHMCS modules are being developed.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

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    Sounds like an ad.


      We didn't intend for it to come across that way, will try and make some adjustments. An ad generally wouldn't have a coupon though. Appreciate the input.


    What exactly is the difference between a standard plan and a 'CPU Optimised' plan? Would be good to have a more technical overview of what a CPU optimised plan is. How would a 2 core starter plan differ from a 2 core CPU optimised plan?
    If I've missed something in the docs feel free to link that instead of repeating yourself.
    Also are you able to provide more details on the types of CPUs your services run?


      Hi jackhg,

      That's a really good point. We will get that addressed.

      The primary difference between standard and CPU optimised is standard is best effort CPU time, and CPU optimised are pinned CPUs.

      What that means is if you are on a 2 core CPU optimised, you have 2 actual physical cores pinned to that server.

      A CPU optimised node typically only has a handful of servers on it because of that restriction.

      As for the CPU's. standard is mostly Intel Xeon Scalable (Silver) or the latest AMD EPYC 7453's. CPU optimised is Intel Xeon E-2288G's.


        Thanks for the clarification! I had assumed that having a VPS meant you were allocated specific CPU cores too but I must have misunderstood. How does CPU allocation work on your starter VPS plans?


          Hi Jackhg,

          It's often worded that way that it's dedicated, but all cloud providers will oversell the CPU to some degree. By how much varies on the provider (AWS lightsail for instance is the worst in my experience). Our standard compute offers a good balance between good pricing and a fair amount of CPU time.


            @sequelwp: Understood. So how does this differ from a shared hosting service if in both cases the resources are shared?


              @jackhg: Shared hosting has no dedicated portions.

              CPU, RAM, Disk is all oversold on shared.

              Some other benefits to this method - if a site gets busy and crashes the server (even with Cloudlinux) it takes all the sites offline, in our setup, only 1 user is affected and they can scale to an 8 core, 32GB of RAM or even a dedicated server within minutes.

              This isn't possible with shared hosting, you'd have to change IPs and servers which can take hours.