Home Office Chair (Budget $300) for Tall Person

I'm approx 6'4" (mid 190s cm) and looking for a low-mid tier home office chair for 1-2 days a week working from home. I also occasionally game for a couple hours during the week.

I'm not fussed on chair arms either.

I'm angling more towards mesh chairs because I live in the summer-swamp of Brisbane and need maximum airflow.

I know everyone will recommend a HM aeron etc but I cannot justify the cost for so little time working from home. I appreciate all the help.



    I'm approx 6'4" (high 180ish cm)

    Wrong. It's low 190ish cm

    Also HM Aeron (sorry 🙂)

    Source: am 6'4" and use an Aeron


      Thanks edited and updated. any other cheaper options? My WFO location provides HM Sayl chairs 3/4 of the week so I just want something to fill the gap.

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        I haven't researched cheaper options so can't really help.

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    your weight plays a huge role on the chairs that are also available.

    decent chairs will also provide a weight rating. and usually the higher the weight rating the more expensive the chair,


      Yeah I'm a bigger lad. Most seem to be rated around the 120kg mark which suits.

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    I'm a bit taller than you and have been very happy with my Ikea Markus


      How tall are you? Is there a gap between the backs of your knees and the edge of the seat? What part of the chair does your head touch when you lean back?


        Head - I've never had a head rest. My chair at work would be a mid/medium size so my head hasn't touched the back of a chair.
        Legs - I don't have the gap problem with work chair but theres a massive gap between back of knees and the seat for WFH chair. The thing I did like about the IKEA Jarvfjallet (over the Markus) is that the seat is on a slider and you can adjust that bit right.

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      Yep! Bought this just last week and it's a lot better than the gaming chair I had before it.


        Much difference between the MARCUS and the JÄRVFJÄLLET? I can get the latter for $200 and it has adjustable lumbar and decent headrest. I don't need arms (approx $50 more).


          Yeah, tried both and I liked the Marcus better. It's only $229 so I went with that.


    Don't know how it is now (post covid), but for about $300 I got a Herman Miller Mirra second hand a few years ago.


      yeah second hand on marketplace / gumtree are $650-700.

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    Would recommend the chairs at officeworks, the one you can mix and match. I think the brand is called Pago. I am similar in height to you and use it to wfh. Costs about 300 - depends on what you want.


    Im not as tall as you, 187cm ish?
    I was on the hunt for a mesh chair that wasnt crazy expensive (around 300) but big/comfy enough for a tall person.
    I stayed away from the cheap gaming chairs cause ya know pleather (get hot and sweaty and flakes off after while)
    while the ikea markus chair was pretty comfortable, the chair didnt really fit my frame? also it creaked a bit.
    Anyways, I bought this blitzwolf bw-hoc5 chair from a previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/638260) for around 260 aud.
    After 6months plus of usage, I reccommend it. its solid and hefty - doesnt feel cheap, mesh - so its breathable and its so much comfier than ikea/officeworks chairs.