Shower Tap Spindle Replacement with Ceramic Cartridge Type NOISY

Hi All,

I just replaced one of our shower tap spindles at home with a ceramic cartridge type. It's a half turn "Shaw & Mason" wall spindle (Bunnings 5001437). Installation was easy enough but it's as noisy as hell partially open (at our preferred water flow rate for showering). The noise is related to the water turbulence / differential pressure across the partially open valve.

Yes, in hindsight I should've read the reviews. In my defense, I knew this technology is used in common kitchen/bathroom mixer taps, so I guess I didn't expect there to be such a significant drawback for shower applications.

Although it is not faulty (in that it turns the water on and off without leaking), I am wanting to return this on the basis of it not being of acceptable quality due to the hideous noise it makes.

Considering noise is a subjective thing, I was wondering if the general consensus is that this is a legitimate reason for return?

It was packaged in one of those plastic blister packs that are fused shut, requiring the packaging be destroyed to open. So, there's no chance to return "unused" in original packaging ready for resale.

The other possible complication is that someone from the plumbing dept. might get called over to inform me that a licensed plumber is required to install these things (I am not). Apparently, others have gotten around this by pointing out that this requirement is not made clear prior to sale (it's not on the packaging, nor on the product details page of their website, but it IS on the warranty detail sheet that's visibile only once the deal is done and the packaging has been opened).

Thanks in advance.

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    My local Bunnings has signs up and down the plumbing aisle saying all work must be done by licensed plumber. They know damn well people are going to attempt DIY anyway.

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    Bunnings will just give you a refund most likely.


    Is this like an air-rattle thing? Don't know how to relieve it, no doubt you have tried different settings. hot? or cold? If it's hot, can try different settings on inlet cock on the heater? Be interested to see solution.
    Can't see success with return to Bunnings'


      Only got one ceramic spindle since we have instant gas unit set to preferred temp & don't use/need cold at all in the shower. Too old to need cold showers ;)
      I suspect a flow restricter in the neck of the shower head may help. Might try that on the weekend.


    Maybe try adjusting the mains pressure for the household. I fitted these sets to all of our rental bath, vanity and shower sets and adjusting the mains pressure relieved the vanity from making the groaning noise when part opened.
    Also did you machine the seat flat?


      We do actually have high water pressure here ~7-8 bar, which wouldn't help. The tap in question already had/has a stainless seat replacement installed (by me, years ago).
      How did you reduce the mains pressure? Using a pressure reducing valve, or by partially closing the isolation valve for the property?


        You would need a pressure limiting valve PLV. Partially closing the isolation valve only reduces flow not pressure.


        I adjusted the tap on the main that serviced my unit which seemed to fix it. The main doesn't need to be wound out to the stop, just opened 1/4-1/2 turn with such high pressure.