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[PC] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Std. $49.95, Ult. $89.95 @ Battle.net


Been waiting for it to drop below $50… conditions were met. Lowest price yet for this title on PC.

Internet Connection, Battle.net® desktop app and Battle.net® Account required to play.

Also for those rocking ARM-based computers… "only Intel/AMD processors are supported at this time".

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  • Trying to figure out if I should buy this

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    • At least one person harmed in the making of this game…

    • You should it's good especially at this price

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    There seems to be a Free MP Play weekend every weekend for this.

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    Want… but only have 100gb left on 512gb laptop ssd….

    • Get yourself a 2tb hdd

      • Too much effort to migrate. I’ll just watch pro plays on YouTube

        • It'd run perfectly fine off an external HDD - heck, I played games on a NAS over a local network

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    All of the Call of Duty games on Steam are on sale as well. Around 50% off for most of them.

    • I used to love COD campaigns but I haven't played one since Infinite War. The online copy protection now means they don't ever drop in price like they used to, 4 year old games are nearly the same price as when released.
      Hard to justify :(

  • I played during last week's free access. The first 10 games were fun then SBMM kicked in and drop kicked me hard. SBMM ruined the game

  • Hadn’t played in months, jumped on and I’m still vs the same people I was vs last year.. and in Modern Warfare lol. Either not many people play it or I’m in a tiny matchmaking bracket due to my stats

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