Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

Hi Guys,

I am planning on buying this bike - Any recommendations for Motorcycle gear required for the above bike and any experience with Husqvarna - are they reliable and any idea how expensive are the parts?

Thanks for your valuable feedback :-)


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    It’s basically a KTM 390 Duke which could be had for less but doesn’t look the same if you were going for the look of the Svartpilen. Fairly reliable but expensive to fix should anything happen.

    Engine is uninspiring and a bit bland being a 400(ish)cc single. The 701 is a much much nicer bike to ride, but I don’t think the 701 is learner legal. (Source: I have owned a KTM 390 and ridden both the 401 and 701 Vitpilen/Svartpilen bikes)

    Nice looking bikes, but well over priced for what you get. There are other nicer bikes out there for less/similar coin, but none as striking in the looks department.

    As for gear, helmet, jacket, boots and gloves would be a good start.


      These are also made in India if you care about that. The reliability is going to different from the main Euro bikes.


        Do you mean better?


          Meh… not really. The build quality is good, it’s just not “good” good.

          In the same price bracket, I would be looking at something different. There is a lot of KTM tax on the bike considering where it is made.

          I think the CF Moto NK650 is a much nicer bike to ride. Better seating position and way more grunt. The Vitpilen is also in the lightly used Ducati 659 bracket. Way more grunt, that V twin sound, or in the near new Honda CB500F, bigger engine, better position, linear power and It’s a Honda or maybe something like a Yamaha MT-07. Again, a bit more power and way more comfortable to ride.

          The Vitpilen is touted as a “adventure bike” but sticking some shit quality MT60 type tyres on a Svartpilen doesn’t suddenly make it an off road bike.




    Raced a Husky 400WR with good success in the mid 80s… :) owned a few more than that too LOL

    Is this your first bike? new or used?

    Setting up for the first time with good quality riding gear is not cheap, buying cheap quality gear is quite easy.

    Call up and ask what a service is worth, even pretend to be a customer with one…

    But they and most modern bikes are ugly as can be.


    Must admit, I'm a fan of the general look - but I think you've been given a good run down already. Couple of things to add
    - single cylinder 400s can be fun in traffic and around town, but won't have much extra power for highway overtaking. Certainly doable, but not ideal
    - check that insurance isn't crazy expensive (a euro 'brand' and all)

    Gear wise? I've come off a couple of times, so don't subscribe to "you can get away with less gear if you're riding a Harley/scooter/fashionable hipster bike".
    - good brand composite helmet (abs bounces)
    - leather or mesh jacket with armour
    - mid to long length leather gloves with armour
    - kevlar reinforced jeans (fully lined is preferable)
    - proper motorcycle boots that restrict ankle movement (annoying to walk in, but will save a break or strain in low speed oopsies)

    All the best


    The bike will struggle at freeway speeds but will be super fun in the city and tight twisties. This is why they refer to it as an urban bike. You’d have a blast with it in Tasmania for example. The easy shift system looks alright.

    These guys are doing a charity ride around Australia on the same bike.

    All the advice above is solid - enjoy the new bike!


    Thanks for the Valuable input Guys
    Yes, it is my 1st bike, and looking forward to it.
    Hopefully, they should have a few in stock in September
    Thanks once again :-)


    I want to buy 701 but unfortunately still on my learner's


    Checked on insurance - SWAAN insurance around $280 mark for the whole year - Currently with AAMI for Home/ contents insurance - around - $350 mark for a whole year
    servicing roughly around $265 for every 10 K and around $375 after 2 years
    I was keen on triumph 660 but way too expensive and live in Melbourne - I would not be riding much during the rainy season for sure.. Enjoy riding :-)
    The only thing I am currently looking for is bar end mirrors - sounds a little pricey on the internet
    any websites recommended for bar end mirrors