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Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR4 4400MHz 16GB (2x8GB) Desktop Memory $189 + Delivery @ PCByte


Memory Size : 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB)
Frequency : DDR4-4400 MHz
Timing : 19-26-26-46 (XMP 4400MHz)

INTEL Z490 and AMD X570 Certificated

Lifetime Warranty

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    I got this 4400MHz 4x8G on my Aorus Master motherboard, only can do 3600MHz when XMP on.
    With ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme, only can do 3800MHz when XMP on.
    With ROG X570 Dark Hero, also 3800MHz max when XMP on.


      Probably a limitation of your CPU memory controller


        I am using 5950X and 9900K

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          Memory controllers will have a very poor time trying to run 4x8 sticks at high speed. I can run 2x8 Samsung B-die @ 3800 CL16 with my Ryzen 5 3600, but 4 sticks wouldn't come anywhere close.


            @celery juice: I am agree with partly, I do believe 4 sticks will be less stable than 2 sticks.
            The only thing is my previous are B-die 4 x 8G can run 3800MHz without any issues.
            And my another pc with aorus 3600MHz old version 4 x 8G can run at xmp no issues.
            And my third pc with G.skill Trident Z 3600MHz 4 x 8G can run at xmp no problems.

            I think this new version of Aorus ram is not as good as suppose to be. Something is not right somewhere.


              @getit: For Ryzen 3000 and 5000, you'd want to synchronise your IF frequency with your memory frequency. IF frequency (FCLK) generally goes to ~1900MHz depending on your luck so you'll be limited to 3800MHz on your RAM.


            @celery juice: Yep, but it also depends on the mobo. My B450 Tomahawk Max can't run 3800 16-15-15 on 4x8GB B-die stable at all while my B550 Aorus Pro V2 has no issues running it stable.

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      3600 @ CL14 > 4400 @ CL19


      Where your timings and CPU

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      Is it in your motherboards’ QVL list though?
      That’s the only way to be sure a given memory pack will work at the rates speed with your board.

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      Basic OC without xmp should achieve this.

      I'm running 3400mhz @ 4000hmz, 1.23v and adjusted sub timings. Nice tight 57ns latency.

      XMP is trash.

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    buildzoid just updated a video about this kit 5 mins ago….


      He was running 2 x 8G, I am running 4 x 8G. I think it might give a different stability.


    Can’t comment on the 4400mhz version specifically, but I had issues with my 3200mhz set where the RGB would not stay in sync with each other.
    Can only be controlled via RGB fusions, which has pretty limited options.

    Ended up getting them RMA’d & swapped to Corsair instead.