Monitor Recommendations for Online Uni

Hello. I am considering the Dell S2721H monitor

Just wanted to ask if anyone has ordered this and how long did it take to get to your place (Sydney, NSW). I need it for Uni which is starting next week. I can wait till mid August but not till 1-10 September which is what the page is showing.

Thank you so much in advance for any help.


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    Judging from your username, you go to usyd? I’m on my last sem of a 5 year degree. Hang in there haha. And yeah the monitor is pretty good, grab it on their 20% sale. If you game though, this is not recommended. A mate ordered a laptop from Dell eBay, yep its slow, sept 2nd slow

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    A monitor I purchased a few months ago arrived in a week.

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    The delivery will be much earlier than the estimated


    It usually takes a week for them to process the order (eBay orders are dealt with manually), they ship from Sydney so you should get it the next day after it is shipped (7-10 business days in total).
    If you want a 27", I would suggest a QHD or 4k (use at 150% scaling). FHD is a bit too low a resolution for 27".
    If you want QHD get the S2721D or S2721DS.
    If you want 4k get the S2721Q or S2721QS.
    I think the 20% off sale on Dell official eBay store ends today, so you better act soon.