expired PS Vita Best Game Deals Save Approx Average $20 Per Title


For my friends and foes purchasing the PS VITA this is a chart of the monies saved if you purchase
your games via a USA PSN account. The USA PSN download codes can be redeemed from Best Buy for approx $46.50AUD for $50 USD credit. This is close to 10% off already.

Please respect my post as it does offer significant savings. Please vote this up for exposure and to save aussies hard earned and overly taxed wages of iniquity.
Be warned that you must pay extra to pay for an AU online pass. Switching between AU and US profiles is quick and easy.

Prices taken from http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/02/14/playstation-store-...
Au prices from Whirlpool

Sorry the chart is ugly it will not format correctly. It looks nice on my edit box :(

title, $usd psn, $us-au, $au psn, $money saved

Asphalt $27 $25 $33 $8
Blazblue $35 $33 $55 $22
Dungeon $36 $34 $48 $14
FIFA $40 $38 $70 $32
Escape $15 $14 $20 $6
Golf $36 $34 $48 $14
Lumines $36 $34 $48 $14
MJ (badman) $36 $34 $33 -$1
Modnation $27 $25 $48 $23
Rayman $36 $34 $48 $14
UMVC3 $40 $38 $63 $25
Uncharted $45 $42 $63 $21
Vtennis $40 $38 $55 $17
Wipeout $36 $34 $48 $14

US SEN saving total = $244 aud

This chart does not include the near 10% bonus buying the Bestbuy vouchers
prices rounded off to nearest dollar
average saving of approx $20 per game

Also consider if you buy retail box of (jbhifi prices)

Blazblue $59 you pay $26 more sell it for $30 so you really losing the game for $4
Dungeon $59 you pay $25 more you sell it for $30 and lose the game for $5
modnation $49 you pay 22 more you sell it for $25 and lose the game for $3
more resell pain and loss

can you see it is not worth selling games after for such a small gain…

unless you have more then 1 vita…

Best Buy

Related Store: Best Buy

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    friends and foes or bro's and ho's

  • +8 votes

    this shows that AUS customers are taken for a ride. US PSN for me :)


      me too. I'm so using US PSN to download games!


        I would have, but Online passes are region specific, so you cannot buy a mix of games on PSN, and some from Australian stores when there is a good deal. As codes within Australian store games will not work on your US account Vita.
        Basically forcing you into buying everything from the US PSN store or Online US retailers.

        I plan to buy a lot from OzGameShop and alike, as it is compatible with the AUS accounts, and so are the games from Instore obviously.

        Just my opinion.

        Edit: Totally agree though, just another way Australian consumers are getting shafted on mark-ups. When our dollar has been at parity with the US for months.

        • +1 vote

          yes but you can buy all singleplayer games from usa and mp games au/uk
          the savings are through the roof in the short and long term
          also you can buy a mix of games and just re-login 4 min easy process
          do the mix and save the ca$h


          true, but paying $110 (US) for 3 games (Fifa11, Wipeout and BlazBlue) courier delivered from Amazon. none AUS store can match that.
          i primarily play my vita when i travel to work, so online codes does not matter to me :)


    I was thinking of doing exactly this when the amazon 3-for-1 sale was posted the other day. I hadn't gone as far as doing the maths though. Just waiting for my 32gb memcard to arrive so I can create a US account on my vita. Thanks for writing it all out. Makes perfect sense and I'll be purchasing PSN points from bestbuy as soon as my memcard arrives!

    Also be aware, some of the downloaded games need an IAP to allow online play. e.g. hot shots golf needs an extra purchase to play online.


      I just created a bestbuy account and purchased a $50 PSN card so I'm ready when I get my memcard. Literally, within a minute of making the order I got a call from CBA to confirm I made the order! Glad to know they're on the ball and checking for CC fraud but kind of freaked me out :)

  • +1 vote

    use a table! =D


    sorry im not called thelastnoob for no reason


    where is everyone getting their PS vitas from?
    still hunting for a good deal

  • +2 votes

    Superufo is very number 1 for import

  • +2 votes

    Sony really are desperate to kill the Vita, aren't they? $63 for a DOWNLOADABLE title? Give me a break.


    Got mine coming from Amazon USA. $300 for wifi/3G version with 8gb mem card included. $50 delivery from shipito.com. And yes i know the 3G will only work with AT&T cards, but i'm sure an unlock option will be available by the time 3G is actually useful on this thing.

    So basically paid $10 more than cost of wifi only version here in Oz AND I get a free 8GB memory card.

    Oh, and also took advantage of Amazon's 3 for 2 PS Vita game deal. Worked it out according to your chart and the 3 games I ordered work out 2 dollars dearer delivered than the US PSN price. :)

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