Robot Vacuum Keeps Getting Stuck (Viomi S9)

Hi all,

I picked up the viomi S9 when it was on sale. Does a great job but compared to my old Xiaomi bot it gets stuck alot. I'm having trouble with it getting stuck under the couch almost every clean. I tried the magnetic strip I had with my Xiaomi bot but it doesn't seem to be compatible - it just ignores it.

Have stuck towels under the entertainment unit because it keeps getting stuck there as well.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    Any chance you can raise the height of the couch for the vacuum to move freely?


      It's a big corner suite. Unfortunately can't change the height, but thanks for the suggestion

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    What are you doing StepRoboVac?

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      I don't get it?

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      oh no

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    Can you add a restricted area around where it keeps getting stuck (should be under under map management on the app)?


      Agreed - either place a restricted area or use a virtual wall and you should be good.
      At times, I find mine sometimes getting stuck on the base of the bar stools but otherwise has been pretty good

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    Take it back and get a Roborock. That was my solution

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    If it’s only getting stuck on the corners you could screw a black rubber door stop to the lounge on the underside.