Need Help. Dual Monitor Adaptor for Monitors with 100hz and 144hz

Hi. Ozbargain community.
I recently bought Dell 3222DGM and I have a 27" Samsung curved gaming monitor. I mainly use them for work from home and I would like to keep the refresh rate as high as possible with a dual monitor setup. I checked online and most USB-c hubs with HDMI offers only 30Hz.

I use Lenovo Thinkpad E585 and it has only 1 thunderbolt USB-c power plug which supports the display and 1 normal HDMI. I see that there are people who are experts in the monitor in Ozbargain so I would like to hear your recommendation on the USB hub that can do dual monitor setup or display adaptors.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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    Why the mention with the USB-c hub? Are you hoping to get a high refresh rate through some sort of usb to monitor connection? If so, you're in for a world of disappointment. USB doesn't have a high enough thoroughput to enable this.

    I took a quick at what hardware you're using. I think it's a safe bet that you aren't going to get a 144 framerate at 3440 x 1440 with your thinkpad with only onboard graphics chip. The best performance you're going to get is by hooking up the your main monitor to the hdmi port. I hope no one sold you this setup for high end gaming.

    What are you trying to accomplish? Is this intended for gaming, or just spreadsheeting/web browsing? If it's the later, is there any reason you care if it's higher than 30hz?

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      Hi. Thanks for the reply. Just for work related. I don't do games lately.

      Mainly spreadsheet, chart, browsing, and reading.

      I heard that 30hz makes the eyes tired more than 60hz or 100hz. Not sure how true this is either.


        Imo 30hz is terrible - so very visible compared to 60 . Are there any usb-c hubs that support 60hz at native resolution for your gpu? I'll wait for a gpu expert to respond!


        If you're worried about 30hz, change the settings down to 30hz on your current monitor so you can check to see if you can really see it. Outside some freak medical condition, there's no real reason you'll be able to see. There may be a little ghosting when you're moving your mouse/moving windows around. If you find you can't live with it you'll then be in a position to see if it's worth spending the extra money finding a solution.

        As for tired eyes, that doesn't make sense. Put it this way, do your eyes get tired when you watch a movie? While it's not a direct 1:1 conversion of framerate/hz, but the framerate of movies is typically 24 (30 for old TV). It'll be the quality and size of the pixels/monitor/lightsource and the quality of your eyesight and your environment and the monitor distance/size from your eyes that'll cause eye strain, which typically is the cause of tired eyes. The hertz rate is simply the refresh rate of the picture.

        That all being said, interlace formats were a lot more common. When you're at 30hz, half the pixels would update in one frame and the other half would refresh in the next frame, which would effectively reduce the framerate from 30 to 15. Slower hz rate can cause the viewer to see movement wierdly (and make a system feel less responsive), but you're talking about speadsheets, chats, browsing and reading…. you'll be fine.


        If you want a higher hz rate, your best (and probably cheapest) solution would be to sell the monitors you have and grab yourself an ultrawide monitor that has all the screen real estate you want.

        Then your next best option is to get a docking bay which has multiple DisplayPort outputs for your laptop.

        Then your next best option is to get a laptop that has multiple DisplayPort outputs.


    Ok the ideal thunderbolt usb hub for what you are asking is going to be one like this . I know it says thunderbolt 3 but people use them with the appropriate adapters just fine. Oh, and you'll need to put a GPU in it.

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    Ah right, ok OP is wrong about having a thunderbolt port, but they do have an m.2 NVME port, in which case this will also give them the high refresh rate ports they need (with the addition of a GPU)


    Sounds like I can't do this with my current laptop so if I want to use higher refresh rate then do I need a new laptop or a desktop?


      What resolution is the Samsung monitor?


        It is 1920 x 1080. Samsung 27" CFG70 Curved Gaming Monitor