Which Is Better, Hyundai Kona 2WD Vs Mazda CX-3 2WD (Both 2021 Models)

Hi OZ Bargainer's

Just need your kind input on these 2 cars Hyundai Kona 2WD vs Mazda CX-3 2WD

Just your experience of owning either of these previous models

Thank you


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    Hyundai Kona
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    Mazda CX-3


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    C) Kia Seltos

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      Don't know why you were negged with no explanation so have cancelled one with my vote.

      I drove a Kona and CX-3 twice each (as well as a few others) but was sold as soon as I sat in a Seltos.
      Felt much roomier (especially over the CX-3) and the 2WD with CVT is so smooth to drive.
      I also drove a CX-5 twice, but the Seltos just felt better.

      My Seltos Sports+ is now 10 months old and I am still really happy with it.

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        And you have been negged again by someone who won't explain why……

        • God bless Ozbargain's democracy.

          Appreciate it though.

          Can't help people that don't want the truth i guess.

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      I'll agree with this, though harder to get stock off and more expensive. I'd also rate it a half class size bigger than those 2 as it feels more spacious than a cx-3 or kona when you are in one

      Wife needed a new car recently and the Seltos was what she ended up with. Got the GT-Line version, so massively over paid, but she preferred it over most of the other competition that we/she drove. And its got enough go for me not to get annoyed driving it.

      likely neg'd as it wasnt an option (shrug)

  • D) none of above.

  • E) both of the above

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      F) Kia Cerato

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  • I've been driving a Kona hire car for the last two weeks. Being a rental from Europcar it would be the most basic model in the range so I'm not sure whether I would be the right person to comment on the model you are after but I've noticed one thing in this model: Plastic. Wherever you look, touch or rest your arms on they've gone all the way to plastic town.

    • Yup, this is an issue with Hyundai's whole range. If you go the "Active" (read: lowest) variant, then it's just plastic.

  • id get a subaru XV in that pricepoint

    much better car overall and AWD

  • Ozbargain Says: Toyota

    … :)

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    Why on earth would you buy a front wheel drive car when all wheel drive is an option? If you don't care about the drive type, get yourself a hatch and save on the fuel. A Golf, an i30, Mazda 3, whatever floats your boat.

    • What if a (slightly) taller car floats their boat?

      Unless you drive gravel or snowy roads regularly or you live somewhere it rains every second day AWD is not necessary. You’ll save fuel and $ going 2wd.

      • It literally has rained in Melbourne every second day for the last 2 months.

        And what you save in fuel you'll more than pay for in front tyres on a front wheel drive.

        More importantly the handling of a front wheel drive car, especially a large one that has a higher Cg, is bad on and over the limit. 99.999% of the time most people will be well under the limit, but in that 0.001% of the time it's not going to end well.

        • Kona or CX3 aren’t large, nor particularly tall. Stability control and traction control negate a lot of the ‘bad on and over the limit’ problems.

          I’m not familiar with how effective the AWD systems are, but more than a few in this category are next to useless in a driving dynamics situation and merely ‘help a bit’ when traction is particularly poor.

          Having driven a large AWD I found that the AWD light barely ever indicated but the traction control light often came on even when trying to push the limits in the wet.

          • @Euphemistic: Stability and traction control cannot overcome physics.

            • @Burnertoasty: No, but in my experience they tend to kick in well before the AWD engages limiting the need for it.

              • @Euphemistic: That depends entirely on the AWD system. If you're driving a shitty Haldex, sure, but that's barley better than a front wheel drive. If you've got a proper AWD system, it's significantly safer (I've got no idea what Hyundai and Mazda implement, but it's probably Haldex if they have fwd versions).

                • @Burnertoasty: Absolutely. Real full time AwD is a different beast. What they put in budget SUVs is there for marketing purposes, not practical safety.

  • Haval H6.

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    Both have a reputation as good as each other for resale etc.

    Drive both, choose your favourite. Pick that by whatever criteria you set, not whatever random ‘experts’ on a forum say.

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    Picked up a Mazda CX-30, few months ago. Definitely worth the extra over the CX-3. Much more comfortable and refined

    • Hi there - sorry to drag up an old thread, but how are you feeling about the CX-30 a few months on? I'm interested in buying but would really like the opinion of someone who's been driving it longer term

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        No worries. I've got the G20 Evolve and overall I enjoy it, especially when compared to its rivals.

        Highlights include the sound insulation, cabin ambience and comfort, and the handling. The speakers whilst lacking in base, have great clarity and you can hear the instrumentals really well. The 360 camera included in the vision pack, and also the HUD are both very helpful and something rarely included in the price range.

        Some of the things that could be better include fuel consumption - sitting at around 8L/100km mixed use and I am light on the pedal. The boot space can be a bit tight with a large load of shopping. Also the interior black plastic scratches easily, same with the black plastic on the outside of the car. The ride whilst good at higher speeds, tends to be uncomfortable over speed bumps at low speeds.

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          Great, thank you for that feedback (there's only so much one can get from a test drive). Thanks again