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Tommy Hilfiger 'Tommy' Eau De Toilette 100ml $39 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Had a 3xcamel alert set up as it's not often below $40.
Link is for the men's version, women's version here at the same price.

Same price at Priceline if you prefer shopping in-store.

Edit: Amazon now OOS, Priceline still available.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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      Says sold and shipped by Amazon AU for me.

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      Where is 'here'?

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        It is not "there"

  • Added to cart fine

  • same price at priceline…

  • Might have to give it a go - but been spoiled with silver scent and Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud EDP, with insane lifetime

    • Swiss Arabian worth getting? Was tempted by that deal a few months ago

      • Long term review: yes. I wasn’t a fan at the start but it grew on me. Very different to what I’m used to.

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    Not a bad deal… But looking at the price history it's really only been more expensive than this on a few brief occasions. On top of that it spend the majority of the last 18 months at around $30, occasionally as low as $27.

    • Yeah, looking at the trend, it can be lower price.

  • Any good this one? Never used it.

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      I really like it clearly but I would recommend testing it first if you're not familiar with it. I think fragrances are super personal and subjective. I also associate fragrances with people: you don't want to smell like the person you dislike for example.

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      One of the best imo.

    • Tommy girl is pretty good for the price. The men's version though, I'd not bother.

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    I usually pay $30 for this at Chemist Warehouse. Purchased it many times at that price.

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    I bought one for me and one for my stinky teen. Thanks OP!

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      Thanks Dad!

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    if you are new to fragrances, this is a good start on an old scent from the 90's

    nothing spectacular and also not offensive. average strength and performance.

    get this if you want: fresh spicy, citrus, fruity, aromatic, fresh, powdery, lavender, and floral

    • Funny that you say that, re the 90’s. Just realised that most fragrances I’ve tried throughout the years are from that same era (Hugo, L’eau d’Issey, Happy, Tommy).

  • Is this a good odour toilet

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      Not as good as an indoor toilet, but it gets the job done.

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    I recommend buying this instead:
    Mercedez Benz Black (Smells absolutely amazing, almost like niche fragrances which cost 5x more) seriously worth a buy.

    • Is $39.99 a good price for this? Cheers

      • Yes it was previously oos but now it’s back. They don’t produce in America anymore. Or if they do it’s very low production rate.

      • Oh wait it’s oos now. Unless you can find in store near you.

        • do you know if it comes back in stock often?

          really keen to try but looks like it's quite hard to find

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      Is there an AMG version? I want to wear it while I drive my high yielding investment.

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        Do you work at westpac?

        • No, but I dare to dream.

  • "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months" :-(

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      Perfect for when I'm out of lockdown. The pricks that live with me can put up with my natural scent in the meantime.

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    I believe the Amazon perfumes are fake? Is anyone able to vouch for authenticity of these?

    The famous blue one was on sale recently…dior Sauvage I think it's called. And reviews were filled with "fake. Doesn't last"

    • Don't think any of my perfumes from Amazon have been like that, Purchased CK Shock from Amazon and it lasts a Damn long time.

      It could be the way they have been stored, or lack of proper storage?

  • Purchased this for $29.99 from Amazon Au, In January 2021.

    Love the smell, however lasts maybe 4 hours max?

    Don't really know how to describe fragrance notes so people can have a look at Fragrantica


    • 4 hours seems about right for eau de toilette but I must say it lasts longer for me than other fragrances I’ve used. When I put on 2 sprays in the morning, I found it a bit overpowering and still smelled it 8 hours later so I tend to have just one spray now. They say that if you can clearly smell your own perfume, you’ve put on too much.

  • frequently bought together

    1. Swiss Arabian Shagaf Oud
    2. $20 hair dryer
    3. 17cm scissors

    yeah in whatever batshit scenario they are frequently bought together lol

  • Price has dropped down go $29.99 for anyone interested. On backorder.