Is EB games still doing home delivery during lockdown?

With only the government's business partners allowed to operate at the moment, seems like the only option to buy games is online. I know most eBay retailers are still running but not sure if it's worth putting an order through EB games for home delivery? I'm assuming these orders are usually filled by staff at a local store. Even if they have a warehouse, I doubt it is currently operating in NSW.

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    Ring em and ask.

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      Anthropophobia ? Safer behind the keyboard?


    I saw eb games Burwood operating today for click and collect orders so must be doing deliveries.


    JB home delivery is good. In Vic this was fulfilled by staff from stores


    EB stores are still 'open' in NSW for click and collect only. So there is a staff member there during business hours, and they can ship any orders that they are required to fulfil. At least this is the case for my local EB - if you walk past during business hours you can see through the semi-transparent door thing they have and there's always a staff member inside.


    EB games does home delivery fulfilled by Drive Yello, a gig company similar to Uber and Lyft but for packages only.

    Quality of home delivery is hit and miss and they usually bundle your order with a bunch more, since it's not perishable, so your $13 delivery ends up bundled with 3 other $13 deliveries but the driver only gets $20. If they're going the same way that may end up being okay but I seen 3 bundled deliveries in 3 different directions sit on the system all day day because no driver would take a $20 40 min run over 20km.

    On the plus side your stuff is boxed well and it's generic EB/Zing packaging so they won't know if it's a pS5 or a Gloomhaven.