Landlords Insurance - Low Premium as a New Customer

Hi guys

Looking to avoid the old loyalty tax upon renewal

Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share promo codes or just a good pricing outcome upon getting a quote

Done half a dozen quotes already but coming up at least 50% more expensive from my current insurer which is budget direct




    Landlord ins premiums have had massive hikes since covid hit. If youre looking for a new policy that covers loss for rent, good luck


      No loss of rent needed


        Why's that?

  • +1 vote seem good although you have to literally ring up to get a quote.

    But it's a specialised property investment insurer like Terri Scheer and EBM etc.

    Seems to be popular recommendation at which is a site full of self managed investors.


    From experience MGA were excellent to deal with. I had three different tenants move out and not pay rent for the last four weeks. They all said take it out of the bond. Well I needed the bond for repairs. I put through a claim for loss of rent to MGA. They paid up every time. I think it was around $350 a year in Darwin.