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JBL Link 10" Wireless Subwoofer SW10 $99 + Delivery ($0 to Select Area with $100 Order/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


This subwoofer has a RRP of $399 and can only be paired with the JBL Link Google Assistant Soundbar.

Add a $1 item for free shipping ($100 or more spend).

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    Need to spend another $300+ for the sound bar.

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    Herp derp bought before reading it can only be used with the JBL soundbar


      the soundbar regularly goes on sale. FWIW

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    There was mention about this subwoofer being hackable in a previous deal post


      I own one of these. Hi-jacking the wireless module output and plugin a wired input didn't work for me as I couldn't find a clear seperation in pcb modules.
      That's because I'm clearly not an electronic expert. Someone with proper skills should be able to do a better job.

      if I cannot find a proper way to hack this, I might get an amp module from aliexpress and connect it directly to the speaker.


        you cant hack it

        you need to chuck the jbl wireless unit and install your own plate amp

        a good plate amp should be around $100 or so

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        Which state are you in? I might be able to have a look

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      I spent 30mins on mine earlier in the year just to test the box and the driver to see if it was worthwhile spending time & money on them. I've gotta say I was shocked at how strong, solid & smooth they sound and performed extremely well using valuable, high power PA/Hifi Amps as well as very inexpensive, low power Chinese digital Amps. I ran out of time to continue experimenting so had to pack it away however I'm keen to get stuck into it again over the coming months. Surprisingly decent units and will exceed your expectations, it's just a shame the built-in plate amp can't be hacked as easily and cheaply as I had expected.

      FWIW, one of the cheapie plate Amps I tested was this little ~$40 2.1 Bluetooth jobbie. Absolutely fantastic performance and small enough to fit on the back of the JBL Sub however they're a fair bit smaller than the JBL plate so you'd either need to hack a big hole in the JBL plate or make an adaptor plate to mount this plate amp to it. Either way, once you add a couple of small & basic bookshelf speakers you'll end up with a very decent little 2.1 Bluetooth capable system.


        Thanks for the insight!
        Question for you though. This is listed as a 300W subwoofer. I'm assuming that's peak, not RMS though. So would something like that amp you linked, which supposdly is only good for a 60W sub, still be able to handle this?

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          Yeah, the inbuilt JBL amp using the TAS 5614LA chip is capable of 300W… but @ 2Ohms and at a huge 10% THD so not a very realistic measurement IMO. From memory they're closer to 65W @ 8Ohms at 1% THD. 1% THD is about the maximum distortion I personally use to compare such devices, anything higher is close to pointless. Either way, real world listening is very impressive and was easily enough to literally rattle the windows even when down very, very low (I was testing at about 10pm) but a small sub and low powered amp such as this obviously isn’t going to offer the same earth shaking 'boom' impact for movies than a larger, more powerful Sub. My plan was to use them to build small 2.1ch near-field music systems which I think they will excel at and in fact will be overkill for most.


    Any good deals on the soundbar to go with it ?


    Can anyone comment on how this subwoofer (hacked with a plate amp) would perform compared to say the subwoofers included with the Home Theatre in a box bundles that we see on here?

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      Have been using 2x (link bar soundbar and link sub) and connected them to the Google home for simultaneously stream music. To be honest in an 60 sqm living room I need to adjust sub bass to -3 in order to hear voices otherwise it is just constant pure boom, which is above my expectations.

      I wish JBL could added a pair of circuit drivers to the bar to match with the sub.

      For this price I think it is the best bang for the buck.

      PS for enthusiasts: could not find a way two sync two bars with wired connection. I thought when using one of them through hdmi-arc, could use an audio splitter to distribute to other one but it did not work. Waiting for this company to have some thing to make this possible: https://www.orei.com/products/hda925-hdmi-audio-converters

      open to suggestions.

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    They have had the soundbar and Sub together for $399 or less

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    Would get this if there were some way to get around the 'only works with jbl soundbar'


      There is if you’re willing to spend more money and attach a plate amp haha

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    Picked one up and had a chance to tear it down just then. Took some snaps and put them here:https://imgur.com/gallery/h4OfsZF

    There is some good info on the FCC website regarding the JBL wireless pcb. https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/ZVA13/4009137

    All the audio is going over I2S - I wonder if you could hook up something like this straight to the main amp board? Presuably some messing around with power on/standby etc.

    Suspect just going straight for a new amp board instead is a better idea.
    This mono amp board can take the 34V from the internal power supply, but you'd likely want to put it in an external enclosure: