LEGO Technic: Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

Hi everyone, Ive been looking around for a good price for this Technic set.

I found one on Zavvi $500, but a friend say wait cause it will go cheaper before christmas.

Just wondering, should i listen to my friend?

Thanks guys



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    Kmart has them now.


      (Not in NSW - But they will come back.)


    Why not get the blue chiron instead?

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    Yes, you should. Because, while it's currently out of stock, it's $450 on Myer eBay. (Special)
    $456 at ShopForMe. (Special)
    And $479 at Kmart. (Everyday price)


      Link to the $450 on Myer eBay ?


    damn, Kmart is sold out.

    Also I love the look of the lambo. Is the blue chiron a better build?

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    You missed it - got two from Myer a week ago for $399 each. That's probably the cheapest it'll go.


    sounds like im waiting then. Is there a way to be notified when theres stock at certain retailers?

    Ive been checking this site for about a week, i tend to always miss the sale.

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      Yes, use Brickhawk dot com
      Also, the Bugatti will retire first so if you plan to get both, consider getting that first.


        True that, moneys tight so going for the one im interested in the most.

        So what the lambo will be available for a few years like the Bugatti?

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          Brickhawk suggests the Bugatti (launched in 2018) will retire the end of this year. So it could start being snapped up if on special.
          The Sian (launched in 2020) is not predicted to retire until the end of 2023.