Bits & Pieces Store in Paddington - Legit?

Hi, I stumbled upon the Bits & Pieces online store selling discounted makeup, fragrances and other fashion items. It seems like they have a physical store in Paddington, but I wanted to make sure the website is legit and products are authentic.

Anyone has any experience with this shop? In the terms and conditions of the website, it mentioned they are Heinemann Australia.


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    Website checks out, seems pretty legit.

    Whatever they're selling seems pretty confusing though. Alcohol and makeup? WTF?

    All high margin stuff though so really cannot complain.

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      Heinemann Is an international duty free shop.
      This is an outlet store as airport is limited.


    they have been there for 12m-18mths - never seen before elsewhere - its a big store on oxford st


    Thanks! Hopefully the website is legit as well. I've tried to ask Heinemann if the website is theirs.


      Hi @TheMommy - Did you get any response and is it legit?


        No, but I went ahead and bought something. It was authenticated, so it should be legit.


          Thanks appreciate it, and did you get your order delivered by now?

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            @abagewad: Yep, took around 3 business days and I had it authenticated after.