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Samsung Galaxy Nexus $529 @ Kogan


Was looking at Kogan and saw the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $529.
Hope you like it!

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  • Looks like it's $529+delivery

    More than http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/64169 $526 inc shipping at DWI

    How does Kogan compare with DWI?

  • Works out to be $548 inclusive of shipping (to postcode 3000). Cheaper here with free shipping ($526.00) —>

    • Is that right? 4G version sold by DWI? Much better than the Kogan deal. Kogan offer not a deal.

      • According to the specs on DWI it's LTE —>
        3G Network HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100
        LTE (region specific)

  • Has anyone used this phone? How is it? I have S2

    • i think i would prefer the S2 considering the storage expansion…

      • S2 the better phone. Better form factor and once ICS is released for it, this will look even clunkier.

    • I've had the Galaxy Nexus since Dec 2011, (from Kogan). And my mate has the S2.
      Having played with both, My recommendation is that the differences between the two do not warrant an upgrade if you already have an S2 that works fine.

      I upgraded to if from the Galaxy S i9000. THAT upgrade is well worth it.

      The major selling point about this phone is that it's the pure Android experience. There isn't any bloatware or touch-wiz or anything that the the manufacturers put on it.
      Because of this, you get updates directly over the air for the latest version of android.

      With the Galaxy S2, you have to wait for Samsung to release their version of ICS, which will probably have to be installed through KIES.

      Power-wise they're similarly spec'd except for the SD-card expansion slot, which isn't in the Galaxy Nexus. There is a software based reason that android wanted to do this, allows the phone to perform faster or more effectively or something.

      The Galaxy Nexus also has no physical buttons, (i.e. Home, Back, Menu etc) on the face of the phone, only the phone speaker, camera and LED are on the front, which makes it quite beautiful in its simplicity.

      The USB connector is on the bottom of the phone as well as the Speaker jack. The latter i've found to be an odd placement, as i'm used to the jack being on the top.

      And lastly there is a 3 pin POGO connector, which, when you have the appropriate dock, allows you to charge and connect your phone without having to physically plug it in.

      NFC is not really useful in Australia at the moment though. Except for "Beaming" between Galaxy Nexus phones.
      There is also a fast unlock to camera mode, which is great for snapping photos when you don't have much time, though it's recommended to still let autofocus do it's thing or the photo will come out crap.

      Um… thats about all I can think of…
      Oh, except there is the infamous Face Unlock feature, which is fairly gimmicky and not particularly accurate.

  • Of course, LTE vs HSDPA versions only matter if you're either on Telstra right now, or see other networks (i.e. the one you're currently on) popping up towers to support an LTE network during the time you envision to have this phone.

  • Ummmm … think you'll find "LTE" in AUS is just Telstra buzz … 1800mhz or it won't work on Telstra "LTE", which is still just HSPA+, not true LTE/4G. Either way, this phone is not, nor have I seen anything to indicate it will be released with 1800mhz … therefor not really an issue.

  • for anyone who bought the gnexus from kogan a few days before the price change, email them or give them a call they will refund you the difference :D. they just did it for me