Car Battery Fires - Spontaneous combustion

"A number of electric-vehicle makers have warned owners not to leave the cars charging unattended in certain circumstances, or sitting fully charged in garages."

Crikey. Can't leave them unattended while charging, can't leave them fully charged in a garage, or risk spontaneous combustion. Charge only to 80% if you are going to garage the car. More than 80% charged, leave outside.

That complicates life with an EV.


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    EV; extremely volatile?

  • Can't leave them unattended while charging

    Better have this kind of wallpaper in the garage to keep busy while charging.

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    Strange, because I'd imagine most Tesla owners have their cars in their living room as a centre piece to talk about, or spend all of their time in the garage with it going over their cars daily Instagram posts and thinking of all the people they haven't told today, so should not really be an issue of "unattended" there…

  • That's because most seem to use lipo. Lifepo is a much safer choice, not quite as high energy density, and not quite as high a discharge rate from memory, but exceptionally safe.

    • That makes sense. Cheers

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        Oh you

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    • My thoughts exactly.

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    Washington Post

    Owed by Bezos

    “Gasoline driven cars don’t catch fire in the garage when they’re sitting there. And that’s the difference,” he said. “I don’t worry about [my] Audi catching fire downstairs when it’s not running.”

    Telsa is run by an egotistical maniac don't take Tesla's experience with that of everything.

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      Gasoline driven cars don’t catch fire in the garage when they’re sitting there.

      Meanwhile over at Hyundai… "Hold my beer, fam. I got this…"

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    Meanwhile petrol cars could spontaneously catch fire when refuelling or using mobile phones or generating static electricity or if someone crashed into them or threw a lighter into the fuel tank…

    There's a risk to everything, we manage it.

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      They also have a battery that sits above 80% and are frequently parked in garages. RUN!

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      I dont think your analogies work that well in this case, you dont leave a petrol car unattended while refuelling, and in fact the spontaneity you talk about is due to the static electricity caused by the refueller, who will be present (until the ignition when they run like hell!)

      On the other point, vandalism and accidents are present in electric, battery, petrol, diesel, hydrogen, atomic and pedal powered devices.

      Apart from that there is I agree risk with everything, however knowing the risks does help.


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        you dont leave a petrol car unattended while refuelling

        You sure as hell would if it took 8 hours to fill from a tap on your garage wall…

        • Since when do petrol cars take 8+ hrs to refuel?

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    One of the traps of being an early adopter. But the bragging rights more than compensate for likelihood of not only car burning down but also the garage. Nothing to see move on.

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    You sure the author wasn't a S. Morrison?

  • Jeez people are gullible

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    Phone battery fires don’t seem to have stopped people from buying phones. It’s almost like the manufacturers can work out how to prevent the fires and implement the fix.

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    From THE WASHINGTON POST, the same people that said Saddam's Iraq had WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. They couldn't lie straight in bed.

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    Well on the way to fossil fuel cars being extinct
    Poor conservative voters
    Your simplistic worldview is crashing down