Received Incorrect Item from OzPlaza. eBay Say to Return Item but I Don't Want a Refund

I ordered an electric standing desk over $300 before EOFY to claim on tax from OzPlaza on Ebay

In Melbourne, and they said there was a delay so I waited, a month an half later I followed up.They said they were waiting for my reply whether to send the item or refund. I said no thanks I'm happy to wait

A month and a half an item arrives, it's just the plain desk board nothing else, I'm furious this thing weighs 15KG/heavy desk board! I contact eBay to raise my dispute and they are just like blaise just return it for a refund but I don't want a refund (no one has said they don't have stock)

So I replied no thanks I don't want a refund just the electric standing desk and eBay reply back saying we are closing this case as you don't want a refund!!!!?

I'm furious (but have been totally polite in conversation)

What do I do? It's so heavy

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    What do I do? it's so heavy

    Hard Rubbish


      it's so heavy


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    Refund and rebuy?

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    Not sure what you expect eBay to do. One way or another, they don't have the desk. They've told you either return for a refund, or don't. While I have little time for eBay generally, they have literally done all they can do.

    You have obviously run into a seller that at the very least doesn't have their act together. It may be more sinister than that, but that would be speculation.

    My bet is you are somewhere between buying something that was "too good to be true" (spoiler alert … ) and a seller that attached the wrong price to their listing and are trying to figure out a way to get themselves out of it without "cancelling the order".

    The net result is either return the item and take the refund, or keep what you've got. I can't see this thing resolving itself any other way.

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    So I replied no thanks I don't want a refund just the electric standing desk and eBay reply back saying we are closing this case as you don't want a refund!!!!?

    It's annoying, but it seems pretty clear that they don't have the electric desk that you ordered and they're not going to be able to magically come up with one either.

    So you've got two choices - either you keep the desk board that they've sent you or you send it back for a refund.

    The option is still there, so do whatever you need to do to get your money back as soon as you can. If eBay closes the case now, I think you're going to have a lot more difficulty trying to get your money back directly from the online shop.

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    Tell them you are happy to return it as soon as they supply a return postage slip.

    Download and print the return postage label, slap it on the item, send it back.

    Get your refund when it arrives back at the destination.

    Spend your refund at a different storeā€¦

    It kind of sounds like you are trying to get the desk you paid for as well as keep the one they sent to you in error. Either way, they are not going to refund you, nor send out the correct item until the incorrect item is returned.

    Under ACL, they made the error, thus they are responsible for covering the cost of the item to be returned to them.

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      Or if paid via PayPal, can return for free (up to certain amount)


    If it's an eBay Plus item, you are eligible for free paid returns

    • FAQ about returning an eBay Plus order

    Are returns always free?
    Returns are free for all eBay Plus orders, regardless of the reason for the return.

    Even if the seller's return policy normally states that buyers pay for return postage, as an eBay Plus member, you can return it for free. You'll still need to indicate why you want to return the item (e.g. "Changed my mind").

    If you don't receive a free return label, please contact us. You'll need to do this when returning bulky items.

    If you need to return an order that wasn't an eBay Plus item, or return an eBay Plus item after your eBay Plus membership has ended, the seller's normal return policy applies.

    If it's not an eBay Plus item, legally speaking the retailer is still fully responsible for the costs of shipping it back (their fault for sending you incorrect item). Although I'm not really sure how easy it is to apply consumer law and have them agree to it. Send them lots and lots of angry emails?

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    Seller will be covering the cost of return. It sounds frustrating you waited so long, only to have the wrong desk to arrive but eBay really can't do anything more since they aren't the seller. I hope eBay hasn't closed the case already because that would make returning much more difficult

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    Had an OzPlaza item that is poorly constructed and broke. They offered a partial refund. At least I got something resembling what I got. You missed the desk legs LOL. My advice don't buy stuff from OzPlaza. Contact them and they will probably offer you a partial refund.

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      I bought one of those folding floor chairs from them, weight limit 150kg. The support broke after 2 months and I'm not even 70kg. They offered me 20% and I said according to the ACL you can pick it up and refund me 100% or send me another one. They sent me another one.


    I had an incorrect item shipped to me from OzPlaza. I messaged them on eBay and they sent me an AusPost return label a few days later. It was a medium-sized parcel and not a desk.