Mini DVBT USB TV Adapter. Anyone Got One Working? Software/ Drivers?

I bought one of these little DVBT USB adapters years back. Thought I would try and get it running on my laptop to watch the olympics when away from home.

Chucked the software CD in, and it only has an Android .apk on it :(

Did some research, messed around with a few online drivers (which apparently are problematic), tried "Blaze TV' … After several hours, gave up.

Have a Windows 7,8 and 10 laptop and a Macbook. Would love to get it running on the Mac, but would be happy to run it on my old Windows laptop.

Any ideas, or links to software / driver options would be greatly appreciated


P.S. - I have an adapter to my main house aerial, so reception isn't the issue.




    I had something like:
    in 2005 on a Mac.

    My E-mail shows me running Mac OS 10.3.9

    Try looking up JohnD @

    I feel old now. Thanks. lol

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    You can search driver using VID and PID from device manager -> other device. guide
    You can use ProgDVB free version or SichboPVR (Freeware) to watch TV.


    In the past I used four or five USB receivers with this

    Mum liked to watch heaps of shows. I had quite the system setup. Recording onto a spinny disk and then transcoding using handbrake command line from a python script to reduce the size of the file (copy show to ramdisk, transcode then copy out to disk)

    Was quite epic.

    Eventually the USB receivers couldn't handle the usage and wore out. I still have I think two or three that still worked.

    Good times.


    I use Sichbo PVR software from

    It is designed for Windows 10 and works well with my old USB tuners.

    The version I use is the Old and Quirky V3 as it is free. (See bottom of page)

    Good luck.


      I updated to V4 but hated it right away. Anyway, I like the classic design of ProgDVB which I used for a long time even for DVB-S in overseas.


    Thanks all. Much appreciated!


    My experience is that they need a good Antenna input. The dinky 10cm long antennas that were included with mine (and it was a high end brand name Dual-tuner dongle) were useless in metro Adelaide even with line of sight to the broadcast towers.
    I was able to get most channels using Rabbit Ears, but even then required manipulation to get certain channels.


    There's a "famous" Whirlpool forum thread that probably has the answers you seek, called something like Windows 10 TV yada yada.

    I always find it by searching for "PS3 tv tuner windows 10" or something.

    And yeah, you will likely need to pack a third party aerial if you get it working as mentioned.