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Fraser Briggs Premium Lager 24 x 330ml for $29.99 @ ALDI (Excluding QLD)


Pretty good everyday beer for those who want a regular beer to drink at a reasonable price. According to the latest catalogue a slab of these beers for $29.99. Catalog is NSW but may be nationwide.


Brewed in New Zealand
Fraser Briggs is a full flavoured, refreshing and extremely drinkable lager
Smooth, refreshing malty taste with a light bitterness
Alcohol Volume 4.7%
Standard Drinks 1.2 per bottle
ALDI supports the responsible service of alcohol. It is illegal to purchase alcohol people under 18.

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  • Not in QLD.

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      Because it's full strength

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      Aldi doesn't sell beer in SA, so not SA either.

      Disclaimer on Aldi's Fraser Briggs Premium Lager product page says:

      *Please note: Pricing varies by state - $32.99 in VIC/WA and $34.99 in NSW/ACT

      Additionally, it's not available in TAS or NT, since there is no Aldi there.

      • So in which state / territory is it 29.99?

        I'm reading this as.

        QLD - Not sold
        NT - No Aldi
        TAS - No Aldi
        NSW - 34.99
        ACT - 34.99
        SA - Not Sold
        VIC - 32.99
        WA - 32.99

        Is there some territory or state I'm missing where it's the advertised 29.99?

        • Yep, in catalogue link that was provided.(Catalog is NSW but may be nationwide.)
          Save $5.00
          Was $34.99 3/8/21

        • Looks like VIC/WA the places to be. I was thinking of moving to QLD tho

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      Not in QLD.


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    Ah, a slab for 30 bucks, I see my time machine to undo the last 15 or so years of my life has worked.

    • The storm beer for $24 is pretty good.

      • A slab? Goddamn, that's not much more than normal priced Coke.

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    hang on…? i thought we only drank $100-$200 cases of craft beer with tasting notes that sound like desserts on ozbargain?

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      If this was Facebook, I'd heart emote your comment. Ridiculous what these hipster drinks charge.

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        Blokes who want to use heart emojis on Facebook probably don't have enough testosterone to handle a high ABV hop-forward beer

        • +12

          Nah mate, blokes who are capable of showing emotion enough that they can handle using an icon online without questioning their manhood are a bit of a higher evolution than those who can stomach such swill.

    • +17

      It's almost as if both can exist, and people can choose what they prefer.

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      Beer is beer

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    Damn I cant even go get this thanks to lockdown in VIC.

    • +1

      I hear you from NSW. We are all in this together apparently.

      Beer is essential. Good thing is everyone needs groceries so go to Aldi and buy a loaf of bread and milk and throw a slab under each arm too.

      • +2

        Or just get the beer?

    • +1

      Why not?
      Aldi's open

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    Great value beer for $30. Would love for the silver Storm bottles to go sub-$30 too (these are my personal favourite of the Aldi branded beers).

    • +1

      Doubt they'll drop the price on the Super Dry. My local barely ever have them in stock

      • Yeah I agree, in fact I think it's crept up in price a little recently.

    • +2

      I agree. I am pretty happy drinking this Aldi James Boag rip-off beer.

    • ive been drinking alot of the blue label storm - very refreshing and easy to drink light beer. for $25 i have 0 complaints. How is the silver one?

      now that this is sub $30 i think ill be making the move to this i think

      • +1

        When it comes to light beer Storm is a good drop

      • +3

        The blue label is alright but it's a light beer, so it should be the price that it is. The silver Storm is meant to be like an imitation Asahi. It does pretty well for the price.

        • oh i completely understand it's a light beer. As someone who has a beer or 2 with dinner, and a couple while watching the footy, i dont care that it's light as long as it tastes good

          • +2

            @tabboo: Oh I'm not knocking light beer at all, just that because of the lower alcohol content, it should be cheaper (the alco content being the only reason why beer is so expensive in Australia - and don't get me started on the pure extortion that is zero alcohol beer!)

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      I like the sainte etienne beers they have.

      • +1

        Its the best they sell I reckon.

      • I agree. I was about to make the comment. Fraser Briggs isn't too bad , and neither is the North of Nowhere?
        Saint Etiene is usually $31.99 in NSW.

      • Ah the Belgian Stella Artois knockoff brewed in France - but I do agree, it's the best tasting Aldi brand.

      • I like the flavour of the Sainte Etienne, but damn does it give me wicked acid reflux after a few for the rest of the night. Same thing happens to my dad and a couple of mates who have drunk it before too, donโ€™t get that with the Briggs/Storm.

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    I guess it would be similar to the Arc Valley. I bought many cases at Dan's when they were $23 and just finished them off. Simple, refreshing beer. I hate paying $35+ for a case unless it's Asahi 500ml cans.

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      I weep every time one of these Aldi deals gets posted. Queensland, why you be like this.

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    Great price for a good beer

  • DAMN QLD!!!

    • Keep an eye out on the catalogue. Might come up in future weeks. No different to what Woolworths and Coles do with state based specials.

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        No alcohol in QLD supermarkets unfortunately

        • Anastasia's doing?

          • +1

            @D1977: been this way for years…..grrrrr

            • +1

              @naphman: OK did not know. Not very fair.

          • @D1977: Aboriginal communities were abusing alcohol

            • +1

              @Cheap Rich Guy: This is not true. It has never been allowed, and was originally seen as a specialist product that could only be sold by publicans, i.e. people in the industry. Initially sales were limited to on-site within the pub, and later extending to bottle shops licensed by the publican. The supermarkets eventually circumvented this by becoming the pubilcan so that they can operate their outlets.

          • @D1977: LNP

  • +3

    Anyone ever noticed this looks similar to Boags?

    • +7

      Fix that for you - Anyone ever noticed that most Aldi products look similar to popular commercial brands
      All part of trying to increase trust levels

      • +2

        I do like how the French beer (Saint Etienne) looks like a knock off Belgian (Stella Artois), usually in culture it's the other way around.

        I have to say, as someone with a semi-refined palette (but without the vocabulary/mindfulness to talk about it) these Aldi beers do have an odd 'knock off' flavour to them, kind of like how homebrand chocolate or cola does. I wouldn't say it's bad but it's odd. Anyone have any theories about this?

        • +1

          At Etienne tastes better than Stella, especially the Aussie or English brewed stuff

      • Also, most likely is the same product. I know Sam Remo makes Aldi brand pasta.

        • +1

          Explains why Aldi pasta is terrible ๐Ÿ˜‚
          Tastes 15 mins for me to boil it, I just buy Devilla pasta. Much better. Even my kids refuse to eat the Aldi pasta. The fridge pastas like the Ravioli are great though! I buy almost everything at Aldi, just need a beer close to tasting like Great Northern Original to save me shelling out $46-$48 a slab.

        • +3

          And Tip Top make their Muffins, Hot Dog rolls, as well as a lot of their bread.

    • As Saint Etienne Aldi brand is a Stella Artois knock off. They clearly do it to infer something!

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    Write your local MP to have booze sold in supermarkets, Queenslanders!

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    Nothing about this lager is "premium"

    • +3

      Post that one as a deal my dude, best I get is walking into Dan's, saying it's 40 on the Coles docket every now and then and hoping they buy it.

    • +2

      how does one acquire a $33 slab of Carlton

  • -3

    ah yes, shitty arc valley, quite a lovely drop.

    So glad I don't have to drink this swill anymore. Great price if this is where you're at though.

  • Good price.
    Average (but not terrible) beer but just doesn't have much flavour. A bit like drinking a Pure Blonde.
    If you want 1-2 beers a night with dinner/TV probably get something nicer. After 2 beers they all taste the same so maybe swap it then!

    Aldi are a bit sneaky too because James Boag is 375ml and this is 330ml.

    All things considered, still a decent deal.

  • Two things…

    1. what is the excise on 4.7% … must go close to $29!

    2. We need an Ozbargain interstate group buy. Freight a pallet over the border for your interstate Bretheren. At this price point we only have Uberbrau or Tun.

    • +3

      By my calcs it's $14.76 in excise. Only pay on alcohol content in excess of 1.15%, current excise rate of $52.49/L.

    • Its the same problem in SA - no alcohol allowed to be sold in supermarkets so no cheap beer and good value wine for our Crow-eating brethren.

      In Queensland, if you live southside Brisbane or Gold Coast, I wouldn't be above driving to Tweed Heads Aldi just to stock up every now and then. In fact I find it very weird how there is a Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Aldi within one kilometre of each other.

      • +1

        Not weird any more. Aldi Coolangatta Permanently closed. Moved south of the border I believe so now two in Tweed. North and South.

  • is this like an Aldis version of James Boags?

  • +3

    Iโ€™ve tried all the beers at Aldi.

    Beer may be beer, but the best one for me is the Leo beer at 5% from Thailand ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ.

    Even my misses loves drinking em.

    Bought 12 pack for $16

  • +2

    Grabbed a case, I think I prefer the Saint Etienne..
    BTW, on the bottle it says 4.6%, not the stated 4.7%..