Issues with an eBay Order and Fraud Concerns

Hi All,
Going through some trouble with an ebay order.

I found a great deal on a brand new Audio head unit on ebay . I bought it straight way and paid.
Two days later I got  a package from Supercheap Auto. To my surprise the included invoice billed to me and is $150 more than what I paid for. So contacted the seller and seller said they are dropshipper and that is  a genuine order.  But the payment type was different than I used.

Yesterday another unit was delivered from Autobarn with no invoice.
So I called autobarn and they verified that someone purchased on my behalf again paid more than what I paid through ebay. They tried to reach the phone number in the order and is not valid. So I assume that the seller lists an item and when someone purchases it, they used a stolen credit card and makes a purchase on buyers behalf . So they can pocket the money they received from the buyer and someone else pays for it. 

My concerns are
1. Ebay is not verifying the seller and providing a platform for criminals
2. Who is really responsible for this transaction ?
3. How am I  (buyer) is protected since the ebay order and the stolen credit card order are not linked?
4. How and where do I report this issue?

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    Welcome to dropshipping my friend


      Not really dropshipping, it's triangulation fraud

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    IMO ebay is providing a platform for this and they know it. When I reported , their response was , "if you are not happy with the product please return"

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    Can't say I am surprised.

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    Triangulation fraud

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    If you believe the item has been purchased fraudulently, I suggest you report it to the police. Let them decide. If it is purchased using a stolen card, then you are likely to have to forfeit the item and could be charged (if you just keep the item and you are then visited by the police about it). At least if you take action yourself, you could do a chargeback to your payment method perhaps.

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    What does the seller's profile look like? Feedback count, recent activity and active listings should give an idea if the account is either a scam or a hacked account

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    I am apaul'd


    links to the items? or item #'s and sellers name?

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    The platform isn't liable for the actions of its members.

    The sale of stolen property is not allowed on eBay.
    The sale of stolen property violates state, federal and international law, and we will work with law enforcement in any attempts to sell stolen property on eBay.

    You agree that you are making use of our Services at your own risk, and that they are being provided to you on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. Accordingly, to the extent permitted by applicable law, we exclude all express or implied warranties, terms and conditions including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement
    Blah blah blah blah.

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    Like what @kerfuffle said, it is triangulation fraud

    1. Do not use the products
    2. Make a police report online
    3. Obtain an "official" police report, not screenshot of the online system
    4. Contact SuperCheap and give them a copy of the police report
    5. Contact Autobarn and give them a copy of the police report, ask them get a copy of the invoice
    6. Contact eBay and send them a copy of the police report
    7. Wait for police investigator to contact you and decide what to do after this

      Thanks jpl


      Hi jpl , I was waiting fro supercheap's response . I couldn't find an option for online fraud.

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    Oh I had this happened a few months ago with dog food. When it came in, I was surprised it was coming from Petbarn. I thought it was perhaps a Petbarn employee stealing from the company.


    My biggest issue is with eBay. There is no customer service and not an option to report fraud on the item I purchased. They cleverly put the responsibility to buyer. The only option is to return the item which is not applicable here.

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      Please do not return the product first as eBay will only allow return to the registered address of the scammer (might not be his/her/their real address). Worst if you communicate with the seller,and he tell you to send to an address unregistered with eBay.

      By doing this, you don't have the product, and in higher risk because the product was sent to you by SuperCheap and Autobarn, and your returned it to third party. If they make a fraud case against you, you will be in trouble.

      Return good to unregistered seller address
      Loss eBay dispute
      Potentially become a fraudster if Supercheap & Autobarn reports you
      Potentially in trouble with Police

      eBay won't give a damn to your situation.


    Going through some trouble with an ebay order.

    I found a great deal on a brand new Audio head unit on ebay . I bought it straight way and paid.

    a new ebay seller? less than 5 feedbacks?


      I should have avoided the seller . yes 1 review 100%


    I guess you could ring SuperCheap or Autobarn in a couple weeks and see if they have been charged backed.

    If so you could demand a refund from Ebay as you haven't been given clear title of the goods (perhaps?)

    I would feel uncomfortable that potentially down the track police roll up at your address looking for the receipt of stolen property:(

    1. Contacted SuperCheapAuto
      According to them everything is fine

    2. Disputed item on ebay
      Seller responded saying "Received the goods, why open a request on Ebay. Close immediately"

    Seller lists another item and waiting for another victim

    Ebay is waiting for their commission on the sale


      You have no basis to dispute when the goods were delivered. As I said eBay don't give a damn as long as the goods were delivered.

      What I listed previously were paper trial that you need to get to protect yourself.

      Good luck.


        Hi Jpl,
        Very ture.
        BTW Can't find the reporting category for online fraud. Any idea which category should I pick?