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    thanks OP for the share. you're a Legend.

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    OP, your a legend. I supported my local by spending up big, I hope it helps them during this next wave of lockdown caused by a teacher at this school breaking rules.. downvote away but it's a fact and your little downvote won't change that FACT! While everyone else is doing the right thing, her mistake cost us 7 day lockdown, billions lost. THE LEAST that can be done is give me a $15 discount lol ;)

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        Mod: Removed Reply to Personal Attack The spending up big at my local, or the teacher breaking lockdown rules? People being pissed off at being lockdown again aint bogan, just pissed off.. unless your a recluse that stays home all night and day anyway..

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          She didn’t break lockdown rules. She felt unwell on Tuesday, took the test the same day, took Wednesday off, once she received the result she informed the school immediately.

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            @ZeroX03: So explain how members of a different house hold got infected?

            From channel 9 - so NOT Murdoch!

            "They include the two cases announced on Thursday, who are known contacts of an Al-Taqwa College teacher. They live in a separate household in Altona North"

            She did the right thing and got tested but she infected other house holds! I have not seen my family for over 3 weeks following the rules, and yet back in lockdown, 5 million people mate!

            • @Iwantthebestprice: Lol channel 9 is worse than Murdoch. 9 is propaganda. Step away for a week

            • +2

              @Iwantthebestprice: Care giving is allowed, so can visit other households where this applies.

              I don't see how this isn't going to spread everywhere anyway. Supermarkets are always packed, construction workers allowed to work, half the people don't wear a mask properly, etc, etc.

            • @Iwantthebestprice: I find this comment so fascinating. You will never see your family with your acceptance of the parameters. The governments know people break rules, they also know lockdowns win elections. They count on having rule breakers.

              • @grasstown: Hmm very interesting.. maybe the idea of a $1700 fine if I get pulled over driving from hawthorn to Frankston stops me travelling…

                • @Iwantthebestprice: You can follow the rules and have less problems, but we shouldn’t make it harder for those who question things.

          • +1

            @ZeroX03: Someone went quiet quickly lolll. Maybe next time before u speak get some facts ready mate

      • @Zero Hasn't it already expired about 1 hr ago .
        Looks like bestprice caught a fish .

        • +1

          I eat before I commented, I knew it would not last long lol ;) with a coupon code like that u order first ask questions later

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    Shame I missed this code. Would have happily used it

  • +10

    Done and eaten 🥇

  • Still enjoying mine too hehe 😋

  • Shit I just realized I must of loaded this code when it was put here as I just ordered and when it come time to pay my order was less 15