What's The Cheapest OLED Display Laptop to Buy?

looking to spend around $1000 for an Oled laptop to use for browsing and multimedia. any suggestion?


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    $1,000 for an OLED laptop? Don't think so.

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    Only laptop that would come close to that price is a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

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    OP is also looking for 11th Gen i9 and a 2TB SSD included.

    • In 2026 ?

    • I must admit. I thought OP was crazy but that link shows a laptop whose price isn't far off the mark.

    • You win today man. Have an extra mushie for me.

    • thanks man. but apparently this website has lots of bad reviews. i wouldn't risk my money.

    • need to pay gst comes to a total of $1390. for $1399 you can get it from amazon. thanks anyway.

      any second hand oled laptop you can recommend?