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North Bayou F100A $63.95 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


20% off.

I have two of these mounted to an AW3821DW and a S2721D, side by side.

Rock solid.

100x better than the F80 as it can raise the monitor much, much higher off the desk.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You awake so early ? Thanks Op

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      No probs. No such thing as "early " when you have kids mate :p

  • I have the exact same two. Thought the single ones are most versatile next to each other. Doesn't take much table space as the double mount.

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      Are we talking about the mounts or the kids .. :)

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        or wives?

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    Is height the only difference between this and the F80s?

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      F80 is a bit smaller. I have F100A on a 32 inch and it is solid. My only complaint the minimum height off the desk is a bit high with a 32-inch monitor for my use. I feel like I'm looking up, but if you're tall its less of an issue. I think the F80 could hold a 32 inch, but if you're going to extend the arm far from where it is attached at the desk get the F100A.

      • Thanks for the info, I only have a 27 and 24 inch so I'll save a few dollars and get the 80s.

      • What 32” do you have? And how high off the table is the bottom of the monitor?

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          It's a 32 inch Kogan. When the arm is pushed back to the wall and it is 16cm from the desk to the bottom of the monitor and 58cm to the top of the monitor from the desk. It will all depend on your monitor and where the VESA mount is located. If I had my choice again, I would get the F80.

  • Thanks OP. Got one for my S2721Q.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 2.

  • H80 is on sale too for 35

    • If I just care about height adjust as have 27 inch which is better?

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        F100 has as much height as H80 but better gas arm (stronger).

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          Thanks yeah max height is basically the same. But a bit more height adjustment (10cm from what I can see) than the h80 without slidingg up and down which assume need to unscrew to do based on the images

          Already have a 32 dell on the f100a but don't think need the stronger arm for the 27 inch

          • @Azif: F100A with the 27" is awesome. It's absolutely rock solid. I love it.

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    Can the logo on the base be removed without leaving behind a recess?

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      No, but tbh it doesn't bother me

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      Yes it can, got mine last week and simply pulled off the sticker without any residue. The design of the bracket has a metal “ring” around the sticker that will obviously be there, but you can easily remove the sticker and the residue very easily

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      Consensus is 2 singles are better, more flexible. I bought a double and although it fits my set up, I wish I had bought 2 singles.

    • I have 2 singles also. I put the bases on the outside rather than together so under my monitors is completely clear. Rock solid even at full extension.

  • Noticed the F160 is on sale aswell. I have two 27", any recommendations?

    • 27" is the max for that model. If you're very specific about how you want the 2 monitors to align, best to get 2 single arms.

      • any thoughts for the 34" inch Xiaomi and the like? Much appreciated.
        On top of each other or beside is the possible thought.
        No Pun intended.

        • Don't think 160 can stack two monitors

      • With two 27" side-by-side are these gonna protrude far from the back of the desk?

  • Can someone help me with a question please. How much forward flex do these allow for? I'm looking for somethi g that would allow me to drag the display from the back of the desk when working to the front, when I'd be simracing… thanks very much!

    • Or is it this point?

      Extension and retraction distance - 700mm

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        Check out 5th picture of the OP's link. 700mm seems about right (although pic states 6500mm)

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      I’ve got the same problem. I usually VR race, but sometimes want to use the screen or game doesn’t support VR. I’ve been using a XCD arm from JB, but it’s 10-20 cms too short.

      From looking around it seems 45-55cms is the standard reach for mounts (physics I guess). I’ve just ordered one of these to see how true the extension is. Should just make it ok. Other option is to drill a hole in the desk and slot mount it a few more cms forward, but I’d rather avoid that.

      The only longer ones I have been able to find are the Ergotron LX and potentially it’s extra extension price. But they are very pricey.

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      I have this and just measured. At full extension from back of desk to front of monitor (so the actual thing you will look at) it is 75cm. You could get another couple cm but I have mine a little higher so my laptop can be used

      • Thanks. That’s about 10cm further than I calculated. Should work well with my desk at 60cm wide

      • Thanks for checking it out!!!

  • I've noticed the OP is using it to mount a 38 inch when the max recommended screen size is 35 inch. Have you had any issues?

    • I don't get the width issue on these things. I've mounted my 34" on two arms that only recommend up to 27" and I've had no problems. But the monitor is 6kg so it is very light.

      • Most likely average size/weight ratio. If they would have said 34" or 6kg, people would have challenged to try to fit 34" and more than 6kg. Then sue the company as they like to do for whatever in the US :-p

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      Go by weight, not size :)

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      I’m using these arms on dell 49” monitors. No issues.

      • Do they have built in power units and USB-C hubs and support for 90w PD?

        • The USB port is just a blue USB 3 cable that you fit in when installing that you then plug into another source. It does not have its own power source.

          • @Wombatstew: I mean, the 49” monitors that they’re using. I have one of these myself, but my 34” is a wee bit heavy for it.

      • Thank you!
        I take it you sit them beside each other?

      • Can these be used on the LG C1 48”?

    • I have a Dell C3422WE on this and it’s pushing the relationship a bit. It is a conferencing monitor with USB-C, so there’s a bit of extra heft to support PD, the camera and the speakers. The arm itself is able to hold the monitor steady in most cases, but the tilt neck is barely able to hold and makes a horrible scritching noise when you need to tilt it back…

      If you’re mounting a monitor that’s maybe 1kg lighter you wouldn’t have any problems.

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    Would it be suitable for Xiaomi Mi 34 inch monitor?

    • +1

      Yes, it'll support the weight of it.

      • Do anyone have experience using this on a sit-to-stand desk? I have my Xiaomi 34 inch on a F80 and it wobbles a lot each time the desk travels up and down. Just wondering if the F100 would be more stable.

        • +1

          When the desk is stationary yeah they are stable. Perfect? No, if you rock the desk they move obviously, like when raising a desk up n down.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I've had the F80 and H80, and I think I prefer the design of the H80 - slightly easier to setup and install.

  • Just bought one last week for $79.95 😭
    Much better than NB F80

  • Any idea how much clearance needed between desk and wall behind for the mount, as it looks like we space will be needed the way it is mounted to the desk and pertruding.

    • +1

      It depends on your monitors' size and how aligned you want them. I've got the F160 with a 23" and 24" and I'd say I need between 5-10cm clearance for them to align.
      If you've got 2*27", then you'll require less

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    What's a good mount that allows the monitor to be pushed back very close to the wall. I don't have much table space and my existing mount has the monitors too close to my face due to the mounting arms hitting the wall.

    • +1

      Most likely H80 (currently $35)

    • I got two of these for exactly that reason:
      VIVO Single Monitor Arm (phone not letting me paste the Amazon link..)

  • Got AOC 34" CU34G2X which weight is about 7 kg. Should I go for this one or F80 a bit cheaper (https://www.amazon.com.au/Monitor-Motion-Swivel-Spring-Compu...)? Cheers.

    • +1

      You could try with the cheaper one, but I recommend using F100A with $20 more. I've been using F100A for a 34 inch ultrawide also. It's been just a week, and it's really good.

      • Thank you.

  • -3

    Price incorrect

    • Here, I'll give you your $0.01, rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

  • I've just bought one of these to put a third monitor above my primary 2, can anyone recommend a good monitor to go on it?

    Currently have a 27" acer predator and 24" AOC

    • Without knowing what you want to do on the third so won’t recommend a specific monitor , my thoughts would be to get another 27 to side by side the 27s, with the 24 sitting on top. Alternatively you could single stack the 27 and double stack 24s.

  • +2

    OMG. I bought this last week for the normal price for my 34 inch ultrawide monitor. It's pretty robust. Good quality.

  • +3

    Omg! Thank you!!! I almost pulled the trigger last night but was hesitant on this or the F195a. This couldn't have come at a better time! Also, comes in white for the same price.


  • Anybody found a monitor arm that works with Samsung UR55 4k monitor? That one is particularly nasty as it has a recessed vesa mounting hole.

    • +1

      Do me of my monitors vesa space was recessed and this one didn’t fit. I got my grinder out and just trimmed it up to fit and all good.

  • Looking for a mount to use in bed and not sure if -30 degree is enough… any suggestions? I have a fell 32inch and planning on getting the 38inch in the future

  • Perfect timing, bought two for the dell monitors that are coming soon :)

  • I have a dell 32” curved will this work ?:) s3221qs. I also have a Acer predator 27” will it work as well? Thinking to get 2. Or just get the h80 x2?

    • Works for my 32 dell

  • Ugh…… ordered the prisms plus arc neo dual on Tuesday and all these deals pop up

  • I hope it doesnt stick out too much as my table against the wall.

  • No NB45 on sale?

    • I don't think they've ever been on sale.

  • Are the arm pieces fixed together?

    • +1

      No. The base, bottom arm, and top arm just drop into each other but you tighten up an a little screw to lock them in. Can still move the arm freely though, just stops them coming apart.

  • Thoughts of this going in a tempered glass desk with a 34 ultrawide?

  • +2

    How much does my table need to be off the wall for this to work?

    • I would like to know the answer to this too. I have got enough desk (width) space and I dont mind the edge of the back of the table being 2-3cms of the wall. But prefer not more.

      In addition I would also like to know this: I really want my monitor to be pushed as close to the back wall as possible. May be distance between back of monitor(which is a flat monitor) and the wall would be at a preferred distance of ~5-10 cms.

      Can anyone help?

      • +1

        It seems like we can put the arm sideway so it should stick out off the table not more than couple of cms (hopefully)
        my table is against the wall too, ordered we'll see.

        • +2

          This is correct. I have my table basically right up against the wall. After researching before purchase, it's about as slim as you get for my 32".

          • @xdirex: Thanks for replying. Is the monitor also as close to the wall as possible?

            Also, does the USB at the bottom work well?


            • +1

              @wmxc: Minimum desk to wall 3.5cm. My monitor when 90 degree to arm is 13cm to front of monitor. USB works well. I have a USB dongle for my headphone which I switch from laptop to pc multiple times a day and I use the port for that. My pc is mounted under desk so was always a pain to get under and plug in so this was a major reason I got this model.

            • +1

              @wmxc: I have mine so the arms sits flush against the wall. I wanted the wall mounted look, but wasn't able to drill into this particular wall. It's not far from the look of my slim bracket wall mounted bedroom TV. Not 100% the same, but very close.

              All connections, USB, etc, work fine on my 32 inch Philips monitor.

  • Are these ok with heavier monitors? I've got a u3011 and my current arm really sags under the 9.3kg load.

  • Ignore

  • Thanks, does anyone know what the minimum depth if you want your screen against the wall?

    • +1

      On my monitor it is 13cm wall to screen

      • Thanks, so not much difference compare to my current monitor stand :/

  • +1

    Are these better than VIVO monitor arm?

  • Is there anything similar where the cords can feed through the base? As my desk is right up against a wall.

    • +1

      Chords can feed through the arm

      • Cheers mate!

      • Double post.

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