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MONO Electric Bike Folding 36V 11Ah $1399 Delivered @ Move Bikes



  • Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 35Km/ h, for OFF-ROAD use only.

  • Thumb Accelerator Control Throttle

  • Frame Aluminium

  • Suspension Front Fork

  • Folding Frame, Bars, Pedals & Seat

  • Shimano 8-Speed Gears

  • Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Rear Pannier Rack

  • Wheel & Tyre Size 20 x 1.75

  • Mudguards Front & Rear

  • 250w Brushless Motor

  • 36v/11AH Li-on Lithium Battery

  • Charge Time 4-6 Hr.

  • Distance > 35Kms to 50Kms with PAS

  • Load Capacity 120Kg

  • Multi Function Display

    Lightweight STEP-THRU Folding 8spd, 250w E-BIKE The NEW 20″, 8spd, lightweight, low maintenance folding E-BIKE, has a 250w brushless rear hub drive motor, that delivers a responsive, stable and engaging ride.
    Hydraulic Disc Brakes provide strong, smooth stopping power.
    The aluminium frame, bars, cranks and seat post help make this bike easy, light and comfortable to commute to work, or just exploring your surrounds. The effortless folding mechanism provide for easy transport and travel.
    This FOLDING 8spd, 250w E-BIKE Comes complete with the NEW 36v,11ah battery that has a maximum speed of 25klm and maximum distance of 35-50klm, with power assist peddling.

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    E-bikes with a throttle are limited to 200 watts in Australia.

    Only pedelecs that conform to EN 15194 (which prohibits throttles and must be pedal assist only) can be 250 watts.

    This e-bike is therefore not road legal in Australia.

    Rules reference: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/documents/roads...

    • That’s a NSW red. What about other states??

      • I think they're all basically the same, very similar to EU laws, other than the NT which is lawless…

      • Used the NSW rules as an example, as they are neatly explained there. But it is based on Commonwealth legislation.

        The Commonwealth legislation defines an ‘electrically power-assisted cycle’ to be:

        an electrically-powered pedal cycle with a maximum continued rated power of 250 watts, of which the output is:
        (a) progressively reduced as the cycle’s speed increases; and
        (b) cut off, where:
        (i) the cycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h; or
        (ii) the cyclist stops pedalling.

        A bicycle with a throttle does not meet this definition, as power can be applied even without pedalling and is not progressively reduced as speed increases.

        Throttle equipped e-bikes instead fall under the broader definition of ‘power-assisted pedal cycle’:

        a vehicle, designed to be propelled through a mechanism primarily using human power, that:
        (a) meets the following criteria:
        (i) is equipped with one or more auxiliary propulsion electric motors;
        (ii) cannot be propelled exclusively by the motor or motors;
        (iii) has a combined maximum power output not exceeding 200 watts;
        (iv) has a ‘Tare Mass’ (including batteries) of less than 35 kg; and
        (v) has a height-adjustable seat; or
        (b) is an ‘Electrically Power-Assisted Cycle’;
        but does not include a vehicle that has an internal combustion engine.

        Source: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2021C00095

    • You left out this part:

      • Pedalecs may be equipped with an optional low-speed start-up mode that allows the motor to power the cycle up to 6 km/h. This mode is activated by the user either when riding without pedalling or when the user is pushing the cycle.
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      I dont think I have ever seen a ebike that is legal, always flying past at 35 to 40kph..

  • +5

    Is this even a deal? Or just an advertisement…. 🤷‍♂️

    • Doesn't look like a bargain to me

      1. give it high RRP for few weeks/months.
      2. give it a discount.
      3. post it on ozbargain.

        … profit?
  • -1
    • looks better also the price as well