Cplay2Air or CarLinkit - Any Recommendations


I have wired car play in my car but would love to have it wireless so considering buying Cplay2air https://cplay2air.com/ or Carlinkit https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002774051925.html dongles.

Does anybody have any experience with either and can recommend one over the other etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.




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    I got the (newer) Ottocast dongle last week. Bought from the official Ottocast Store on US Amazon and was delivered in 7 days to WA. They have a 15% voucher on Amazon, which pretty much covers the delivery to Oz.

    Been using it for the last week in my Subaru, and hasn’t missed a beat.


    Bought it on the back of this review.

    As ever, your mileage may vary. I’m not affiliated with Ottocast.


  • I have had the carlinkt V2 for 8 months, works great. Think they are the same different name. Plenty on eBay for $100.

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