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[PS5] Returnal (US Version) $75.76 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Was looking to purchase this game but couldn’t stomach the RRP price tag [$124] or the standard ‘discounted price’ [$109]. Also noted that the game is going for approx ~$75 - $ 90 by most second hand sellers on gumtree + FB marketplace.

Came across the discounted Returnal [US version] for PS5 with free delivery for prime members, thought I’d share the deal here.

Only downside is the somewhat lengthy delay for shipping [27 August or 19 August for express shipping - for me].

Note: PS5 has no region lock restrictions. Even though this is the US Version it will work on your Australian PS5.

Edit: downloadable content for PS5 is region locked. So if you get this US version you will not be able to download future DLC with your AU PS account

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price in title please.

    • +3

      Apologies, has been corrected.

  • +4

    Great but brutal game. I've put in 40 hours and still can't get past the third level (there's six stages in total) and yet somehow it keeps pulling me back in. Not for the faint of heart though

    • +3

      I’ve actually finished the game and was looking to purchase this game for my sister.

      Depends on people’s skill levels. It took me about 19 hours for credits to roll (total 18 deaths) and another 8-9 hours for the secret ending.

      Notwithstanding, cannot recommend this game enough. Absolutely brilliant.

      • how's this game difficulty compare to say 'Control'?

        • Control is much easier

      • Based on your recommendation I'll need to check this out, thanks.

      • Took me 13 hours and loved it a lot. Spent many, many hours afterwards going for those collectibles for the platinum but I'm just way too unlucky.

        Great game but I'm a bit hesitant to recommend it to everyone since it can be really difficult for some people.

    • It does also depend on your run. Sometimes you’ll get some great gear & biome layout, other times throwaway gear & tough biome layouts.

      I also found some of the strategy guides out there were misleading. One guide said to avoid the blue optional rooms when starting out, so I did for a long while always getting my butt kicked by the first boss. Then one run decided to check the optional doors & found a bunch of gear that helped me beat the first boss with relative ease.

  • +2

    Great game I’m still yet to kill Pyke

  • +5

    Keep in mind that downloadable content for PS5 is region locked. So if you get this US version you will not be able to download future DLC with your AU PS account

    • That’s a good point - I’ve added it to the post.

    • That's a deal breaker for me.

  • +1

    I was thinking of scarlet nexus for $59 what's everyone's opinion on that

    • +2

      Definitely a sleeper hit. One of the best ARPG battle systems I've ever played. Story was decent enough and never bored me, you definitely come and stay for the combat though. Extremely linear, but for me that was a positive. I was one of the few who loved FF13 too so take from that what you will.

    • +1

      There is a demo you can download on PSN. You'll know if the game is for you or not after playing that.

    • +2

      Great game, up to the last couple of chapters for both characters. If you do get it, create 2 save games one for each char. You will get the full story from both point of views that way. Play 2-3 chapters on Yuito and then swap to Kasane and then back etc.

      Story is very linear. You have your companions and their visual additional storylines which only increases your bond level which unlocks extra perks if you decide to max out the team bond level.

      Agreed with jaejae69, combat is addictive and once you can chain the attacks it feels good.

      There's a dlc with soundtrack which I'm on the fence about as the soundtrack is great but not sure about spending $30 price tag.

      Watch reviews and gameplay first to see if you like it

  • +1

    Worried this game might get future DLC, this game is perfect for additional DLC

  • +1

    I have no shame in admitting this game was way too hard for me. Was keen to own until I tried it at a friends place, then no.

  • +1

    Such a hard game! But it still makes me want to keep playing again and again.

  • Thanks for this! Been waiting for it to drop in price.

  • Great game. Such a rush to finish it and play through again for the last ending.

    Pretty awesome, but sad, plot twist too.

    My goty so far.

  • Any way to get discounted playstation plus subscription?

    • +2

      wait for sales on PS+ membership on Amazon US and then buy 1 or more years. Create a US PS+ account as the games on sale there are usually much cheaper than on the AU site and you still have full multiplayer access as it uses the AU server even with a US account. I've had a US PS+ account now since my PS3. Usually it's around $50 AUD for a yearly membership when on sale, sometimes much cheaper. I buy US PS gift cards from Amazon US to put in my wallet when games I want are on sale. I compare prices between US and AU sites using the follow URL - just edit the bits for AU or for PS5 pricing - https://psprices.com/region-us/discounts/?sort=date&page=1&p...

  • Got it on release and spent like 6 hours on the first boss and couldn’t get past him. Returned it to EB lol

  • I though returnal was term to to describe the return of a faulty purchase

  • Fantastic game. watch a 'before you play' guide before you play.

  • Not a bad game. Frustrating hard and it’s hard to see how it’s possible to complete it when you’re on the second biome. But it will get easier.
    Hades is a similar mechanic but I personally believe hades is a better game. Half the price too.

  • -3

    rubbish game.

  • Also Demon's Souls for $75.68

    PS5 Demon's Souls @ Amazon US

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