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【$6.99, Gery】Silky Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones
【$6.99, Black】Silky Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones
【$6.99, Pink】Silky Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones
【$6.99, Purple】Silky Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones
【$6.99, Purple】Silky Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones

【$14.99, Black】Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone with Reusable Ice Gels
【$14.99, Gery】Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphone with Reusable Ice Gels

*【Up to 14 Hours Playtime】Upgrade USB chargeable battery, Built-in 150mAh high-performance battery, supports up to 14 hours playtime and 350 hours standby with just 2 hours charging, won’t be waked up at night, enough to support the whole night. A conveniently placed charging port is in the eye mask, USB charging cable included.
*【Upgraded Hi-fidelity Audio & Great Performance When Taking Calls】Engineered with 104dB SNR microphone to better filter out background noise and capture your voice, latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that produce great sound quality and easily pairs with smartphones, computers, and most other Bluetooth compatible devices. Compatible with Android and ios.
*【Washable】The headphones are easily removed from the eye mask’s exterior cover, convenient for hand wash. Pls hand washes in cool water. Lay flat to dry.
*【Great Gift】 Made from Silky soft satin and stretch cotton, super soft and comfortable. Adjustable elastic bands, one size eye cover fit most heads, perfect for both men and women. It is the best gift for family or friends on travel and airplane at Festivals.

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  • +29

    A pillow over the head for me works perfectly fine, blocks out most of the sounds of my own crying at night

    • But gets wet from the tears

  • +6

    Got one for my partner so she can listen to my snores while we are apart in lockdown.

    • +11

      I forget what that bit before sleeping is called, but that could be a good time to listen to some music/audiobook/white noise. — Oh, I remember! Awake. It's called awake.

      • -8

        Oh, I remember! Awake

        You wear a sleep mask when you're awake?

        • +9

          It is difficult to put it on when you're already asleep.

          • -3

            @andymatter: Maybe you got the wrong size ?

  • +7

    I bought these before, they’re actually quite good. The only thing is the speakers are a bit hard and the volume on the lowest setting is still too high. The solution for that is to slightly adjust the speakers and it becomes slightly more comfortable in volume and comfort wise. I’ve been using these to sleep ever since I bought them. I only wish the battery lasted longer. I’m rotating 2 of these, charging one and using the other. Hopefully this helps someone.

    • Could you share some more details on how you adjusted the speakers and how it helped? Thanks

      • +2

        The speakers are removable. So the only way I can get the volume right, once I set it on the lowest setting on the phone is to move it forward like I’m removing them from the face mask. You have to adjust them just right so the speaker isn’t right on your ear. It’s not the greatest thing to have to do every night but it works. For $6.99 it’s a great price. I paid $ 15 at the time I originally purchased it.

        • Would it be uncomfortable sleeping on your side? I'd imagine it would push the speaker against your head if you did that.

          • @Delphinus: I don’t find it uncomfortable. I’m a side sleeper and once I adjust it, it stays comfortable to sleep through the night.

  • +5

    Cheap Nier Automata cosplay

  • +2

    a bit late for the 50 Shades of Grey audiobook listeners..

  • +1

    I dont know about bluetooth directly on your head for 8 hours every single night

  • Got a pair of these nearly a year ago. The dye in the material was all around my eyes after waking up. Didnt use them for ages, then decided to wear them inside out, dye comes off on my pillow but i have old black pillow cases (and the side facing out for my mask is black) so its a big whoop now, just rotate and clean the pillow cases.

    I have found them pretty decent for side sleeping. Sure the speakers are not small and are hard plastic, but to me they are a good enough flattish shape they sit on/in the ear fairly comfortably. And i think the inside out wearing them actually helps a bit too.

    Some people even mentioned how the volume is too loud, potentially true. Though I sleep with earplugs in and music/whitenoise from these over that (with phone usually set to stop playing after an hour) and wish they went a little louder, haha.

    All in all, they are not bad, but have some issues and may not be great for everyone.

    • Did you get the silk version or the gel version where the dye comes off?

      • Not the gel one. Also i havent seen any mention of it in amazon reviews so it could have been a bad batch. But idk.

  • +2

    Will be rocking these with my Paul Smith mask at the next OzB gtg.
    Tommy DD&BK!

  • +1

    Hands free calling, perfect for sleep talkers.

  • Op extend and I'll buy some.

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