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Free Delivery @ Nando's


Free Delivery: Receive free delivery on the Nando’s Delivery service from Monday 9 August to 15 August 2021 at participating Nando’s Australia restaurants. Offer valid when ordering online for Nando’s Delivery via the Nando’s app or website only. Offer not valid with any other offers or promotions unless authorised by Nando’s Australia. The delivery fee will automatically be set to $0 at checkout during the promotional period (usually $5). During the promotional period, delivery orders cannot be paid with PERi-Perks points and must be paid by credit or debit card only. Offer not valid with catering or any third party delivery orders such as Uber Eats, Google Ordering or Deliveroo. PERi-Perks points can be earned on all items within a transaction excluding any complimentary or discounted menu items. When a dollar value discount has been applied to an entire order such as 20% or $10 off, no points will be earned for that transaction. Offer valid at restaurants in Australia only. Offer cannot be substituted for any other item or cash. Offer may be extended or retracted at any time without notice. Offer available for registered and verified PERi-Perks members only. Nando’s Delivery is only available at selected Nando’s restaurants across Australia. Nando’s Delivery is only available for delivery within a 5km radius of a Nando’s Delivery restaurant and cannot be delivered to address’s outside the 5km radius.

Update: Extended until 22/8.

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  • Yum. Was thinking about nandos burger.

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    Website bumps up the price a little for delivery but nevertheless worth it!

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      Better than paying delivery fees plus 30% cuts to apps that somehow still haven't been able to turn a profit…

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      No idea why people have negged this comment. The prices absolutely do go up as soon as you choose delivery.

      • Ikr I was thinking the same thing :(

      • because its not the ozbargain way. the moment we see an increase, its a straight-up neg.

      • +12

        I think it’s probably because it is somewhat deceptive to advertise as free delivery but actually have the delivery built into the price. For people who aren’t loyal Nandos customers, they could easily be fooled that those prices are the restaurant prices and not go about and do a proper comparison between the costs of delivery vs picking up.

        Ps wasnt me who negged

        • I agree. I want to know the price and decide if I want to drive to pick up or not. Same for delivery services, prices differ depending on what you use. Very annoying

  • By how much is this?

    • Mine was by 55 cents dearer (whole chicken)

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    I am not hungry, I am not hungry, I am not hungry.. …

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    Friendly reminder to report widespread "free delivery" misleading conduct to ACCC if you have a few minutes:


    Show evidence that "free delivery" is misleading because delivered food costs more than pick up. Nandos (and other restaurants) can get fined for lying in their marketing.

    To reproduce, select whole chicken. Pick up is $19.95 but delivery is $20.50 with $0 delivery fee. However, delivered cheaper is a bargain nonetheless, so I'm not negging.

    • But this is how the 'Free Delivery' at Domino's works all this time?

      • Please report them too.

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        Does Dominos actually say it is 'Free Delivery'?, as I often see it advertised as 'Delivered', which is different to Free.

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          That right. Domino's don't say free delivery. They give a delivered price.
          Completely different than this misleading Nando's offer

    • Get it delivered. Then chargeback for deceptive extra charge, as it doesn’t match their menu price. Once decent amount of people do it, they will learn their lesson and people will get free meals as a reward

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      Reported my local thanks.

  • Pity can't use Peri points to pay :(

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      Usually you can.

  • I guess NSW Dine voucher's can't be used as payment either?

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      Not really dining in right?

      • +1

        You could use the dine vouchers for take away too at some shops. It's not an invalid question.

        • Better way to put it is I don't think I've ever seen it available for use for delivery orders. You physically have to go to the place to redeem it.

      • Lol name a lockdown area where you can dine in.

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    Sadly they shut my local, despite always having people in it.

    • They must of shut heaps. There were 3 around my area, now gone.

      • They've shut down 3 or 4 stores in Sydney's south east, my nearest one is now 45mins away when it used to be down the road.

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      Not surprising. I've heard some terrible things about how Nando's treats franchisees.

      There's obviously something going on if so many are closing up shop.

      A real shame since I like the food, but if reports of their aggressive treatment to franchisees are true, then they're not a business I'd want to support.

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        Was it Nando's that was demanding million-dollar refits to be paid for by franchisees? I remember reading something about that a while ago.

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          Yeah I think that was one of the issues. Also I think franchisees were unable to sell their business to other people, they had to sell it back to Nando's for a fraction of the price.

  • Perfecttt. I have a $10 voucher in my acc.

  • Even though I no longer work in the city, I'm still pissed they closed down the World Square store.

  • If only they brought back their thighs! They were great :(

  • Has anyone tried ordering with birthday voucher? Free food with free delivery.

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      I was able to apply my birthday voucher.
      The free delivery was automatically added

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        Yes, can confirm birthday voucher works with free delivery.

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    Deceptive conduct this is.
    Large chips 5.95 pickup
    Large chips Delivery 6.95

    Burgers seem to be minimum 55c extra

  • Is it only within a distance they can accept? Is member's promotional items included in the free delivery?

    • I think 5 km or so, delivered by DoorDash

  • What discounts can be used with this?

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    works with the free seriously large chips with a meal promo. but you can't use nandos points to pay with free delivery offer.

    • Please elaborate on this promo.. I can’t find it anywhere

      • it will be on your app, if you haven't got anything from Nando's for some time, (may be 2 months?)

    • I got the chips offer (along with the free delivery offer) as soon as I created an account.

      I just had items in the cart on my browser, created a new account, verified the sms and the logged in on the browser -> the offer was at the top.

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    used to be a big Nando fan, but after they secretly expired my 2000+ points without any warning, I lost interest in them.

  • My Nandos takes online orders about once every six months. It's a shock when it happens.

  • This is a steal and a true bargain, free delivery guys common

  • +1

    Just ate my nandos. That hit a spot.
    Delivery was via door dash, quicker than expected.
    Chicken was hot and tender, rice was a bit on the dry side. Chips were good.

  • Ordered a 1/4 chicken, pita and chips 35 min before local Nando's closing time yesterday to take advantage of this deal. Money taken but order never arrived. I suspect the doordash driver didn't arrive at the store in time. the estimated delivery was 5 mins after closing. sad to think of the wasted food… note to self to eat dinner at a reasonable time.

    Though, it does make me wonder why they don't use their own drivers - especially if they're running local delivery promos like these.

    In my experience Nando's are pretty good with resolving complaints so not too worried about losing money.

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    Going to have to neg this deal sorry. Tried Nandos delivery for the first time, horrible experience and would have been much better off picking up on person.

    Took half an hour from when the food was ready at store, for it to get to me. It's a 5 minute drive to the store so I don't know what the driver was doing. Food was cold on arrival and chips were disgusting.

    To make a complaint you have to email as well so that was very poor overall. Even though the issue was with doordash, that Nando's are promoting it under their own brand is poor.

    • Agreed, my chips caim all soggy. Delivery took 20 minutes despite the store being less than 10 minutes from my house.

    • The last time Nandos took too long to deliver to me I emailed to complain and Nandos offered me store credits in the amount I paid for the meal. Might be worth trying.