Free Six Month Subscription to The Athletic via Optus Sport


Great deal for what in my opinion is the best sports journalism on the planet. RRP is typically $6.99 per month.
Marketed as an offer for Optus Sport customers but I redeemed the deal without any Optus Sport membership.

More information about the partnership here:

"The Athletic 6-month free trial offer is available to Optus Sport customers who do not have an existing The Athletic subscription and who take up the offer between 9th August 2021 to 14th November 2021 through the offer URL: The 6-month free trial provides access to The Athletic from the date of redemption of the offer and automatically rolls over to a monthly paid subscription (for $6.99 per month), until you cancel via The Athletic."

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    I agree, use it for football (the round ball version) and NFL.
    Their articles go into great detail and cover a wide range of subjects.

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      I always watch Tifo Football on youtube, and they mention The Athletic every single video. Their content is amazing.

      PS: "round ball version" 🤣

  • Thanks, interested to see how it compares to One Football, which is free.

    Edit: on first inspection, there is significantly less content about my football team compared to One Football. Is that because all of the articles are written by The Athletic rather than aggregated from other sources?

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      Without knowing who your team is, I'd say generally the Athletic favours quality over quantity. It's not necessarily the best place to check for new content every single morning but the articles they do write tend to be much better than those I read on other sites. But that's as a fan of one of the EPL big six, so maybe they get better coverage than others…

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      Yes all articles are by Athletic journalists. The articles however will be more than a couple of paragraphs.

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    Three streaming platforms this season for round-ball fans!!

    EPL: Optus
    Championship & European domestic leagues: Foxtel/Kayo
    Champions & Europa leagues: Stan

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      A-League doesn't exist?

      It's going to be Paramount+ and FTA for those who wish to support the local game as well.

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        Urgh I know. Can't believe I'm wishing that Foxtel was dominant again.

      • Not deliberately left out, sorry, I just don't watch it.

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    Nice find OP

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    anyone else getting the error.
    It looks like the offer you're trying to access is not available. Save 30% with this special offer instead.

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    Great find, thanks OP!!

  • Thanks OP.

    Their stuff is ok, will give it a trial then see if it's worth paying.

    As an Arsenal fan, I find the journalists tend to be very pro Board/Management and are often seen as the 'mouthpiece' of the official club, maybe it's their model.

    • Ornsteeeinnnnnnn

      • I miss BBC Ornie, Athletic Ornie is a bit more Arteta/Vinai propaganda for my liking.

        • That's right. My comment was directed to the 2018 Twitter era. The original Fabrizio Romano for me.

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    Love The Athletic. I’m a big fan of the Toronto Raptors. Their two writers are by far the two best beat writers for the Raptors.

    If you’re into the NBA draft, Sam Vecenie is the best writer there and puts together a massive guide every year (along with mocks throughout the season).

    There’s also dozens of podcasts. You can find them on your normal sources, but they’re ad free on The Athletic.

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      Blake and Eric Appreciation Society let's go!

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    Thanks heaps OP! Subscribed

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    Thanks OP. Just in case anyone is wondering once you have signed up, you can cancel the subscription now (to ensure it doesn't auto renew) and still have access for the rest of the trial.

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    Thanks OP, worked fine for this non-Optus customer

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    Thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP

    Great deal.

    Signed up, no active Optus sport.

    Don't think I'll ever justify paying for this content but TBF it is a lot better than what you generally get in print, esp off Reddit … :P

    Have enjoyed the content I've read so far but likely will stick mainly to podcasts

    • You can also create your own podcasts from their articles. Read them in MS Edge and then select Read Aloud in the settings menu.

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    Thanks. I've been curious access the site for a while. Thanks OP.

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    An FYI for anyone who is already subscribed, I started clicking through to cancel my existing membership (to activate this one with an alternate email) & it came up with a prompt for a 'special deal' of $1.79 per month for 12 months if I didn't unsubscribe.

    Might be worth giving it a go as I assume it might be a standard automated retention offer.

    • Excellent, just did it also! Thanks for posting this!

    • If you do that now does it still let you sit with your six-months free trial and then roll into $1.79 per month or do you move immediately from the trial onto a 12-month term at that low monthly rate?

      • +1

        No idea if it stacks as I applied it to my existing membership. Maybe wait to the end of your 6 months and then give it a go.

        I was on a $1 per month for the first 6 months deal, I paid for one month at full price and then I've activated this latest deal. I;m very happy with what I'm getting for the money.

  • Thanks, signed up

  • For NHL this is awesome. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP - This is an awesome deal. Also, great to see there are a few fellow Arsenal fans on here (we can commiserate together after things inevitably go a little wrong!)

  • Thanks OP. I do like the athletic pieces but not enough to subscribe monthly.

  • So I signed up via the link using their 1-step checkout and CC details, but it didn't ask for email address. I thought it might ask on the next page, but nope. No confirmation that it worked… anyone else come across this?

    • I have an account but no subscription - can't get a 1-step checkout option either?

      • I signed up for new reg with different email and it worked - immediate cancel for 6 months free and no renewal
        Already digging it - may renew if I get a good offer

  • Thanks OP. I was on a $1 a month deal prior to finding this. Connected VPN to Australia and accepted offer. No issues.