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Squealing Pig Ginsecco Can - 24x 250ml - 5000 Qantas Points & Free Delivery @ Qantas Wine


On special for 5000 points a slab

ATHOMEWEB for free shipping

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  • I can see the reduced price when searching, but not on the product page or in the cart. Have you been able to checkout at the reduced price?

    • Yes - you need to be logged in; And obviously select ‘Use Points’

      • Yeah I did all of that the first time but it didn't work; but refreshed a few times and it started working. Good find, thanks!

    • Same for me. Search shows 5000 pts but it increases to 24000 when I add to cart

  • Thankyou! Purchased with points

  • +1

    It's telling me is 24000 points, am I doing something wrong?

    Edit - worked when I tried in the incognito mode. Bought one, thanks OP

    • This fixed my issue, thanks!

  • Bought one case. Thank you OP

  • Sounds cheap. Cheers

  • Bought one. Thanks

  • +3

    Good deal but apparently tastes like a fart!? according to a review at Dan Murphy's.

    • +1

      That must be Fosters beer!

      • +1

        Or Farters beer!

    • +8

      " 21 April 2021
      Was given a can as a freebie, glad I didn't buy it. Its almost like the wine preservative sulphur dioxide has reacted somehow and caused a strong sulphur taste making it taste like farts. If it wasn't for that, and if the gin used was of a higher quality, it might be palatable. That's just my personal opinion. "


      • -5

        Top quality review. I wonder if you burp after drinking this, would your burp smell like fart too.
        Imagine that. Farting from your mouth. Then there'd also be a new word. VART, fart too hard, you vomit from your mouth haha

    • -1

      Since when has the smell of farts stopped anyone getting drunk? No one I drink with anyway. Bought one.

  • Worth burning 5000 points on this?

    • +5

      Worth drinking fart apparently

    • I do not need more alcohol, but bought a case.
      Great time to make a late night decision to buy some bargained gassy liquid egg. A pack of 4 of these are about ~$20.

      I'm going to be yelled at whilst drinking fart!

  • +1

    Isn't 5,000 pts worth $45-50?

    • +1


    • Under $25 in gift cards?

  • +3

    The picture in the post is incorrect, that's a gin bottle, got exciting thinking it was a slab of mini bottles lol. Nice gin, pass on the Ginsecco though.

    • why do pigs squeal?

      • Not sure, you tell me lol

        • it gives me a negative connotation got me small mad

  • Farts in a can. Blasting deal! Thanks OP

  • +3
  • Brieeeeee

  • qantas force me to buy Qantas Wine Premium membership it is shown as free in checkout and cannot be unselected. Do I need to worried?

    • +1

      scroll down there's another set of buttons to proceed without buying membership

    • Probably means you are a Points Club member and therefore qualified for a free membership.

  • wow oink oink OP

    goddamn I mean cin cin!
    or just thanks I guess

  • Ordered last night, thanks.

    Didn't need a code to get free delivery? Just came up as free.

  • Got my tracking number.

  • +2

    Mine shipped. Thanks OP! Also, is out of stock now!

  • Seems back in stock again now

  • mine arrived today - it really does taste like farts, bubbly farts =/

    • +1

      They definitely smell like farts, but the taste is pretty good imo.

  • Mine was delivered today.
    These are DISGUSTING.
    I literally couldn't finish my first can.
    I'm going to give them away.

    • I have access to a lemon tree. I muddle heaps of lemon and it helps.

  • Does smell like farts

  • Cannot finish even a can. These are literally fart in a can. Horrible, disgusting, avoid! Run away! Maybe give them to your enemies.