Students & Teachers of OzBargain - Do You Like Online Learning?

Hi everyone I’m new here and thought of this forum topic. Seeing as many states (namely vic and nsw) are in lockdowns, how do students here in year 11 and 12 or uni feel about remote learning? Also would be interested in teachers thoughts aswell. Hopefully there are some students/teachers here but as a yr12 currently, I do not actually mind it. I am curious to hear other peoples thoughts :)

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    • How come?

      • Here's playing hard to get, just go along with it 😉

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    yeah it's pretty good and flexible, but the fees should seriously be reduced, especially since there is on access to campus or the labs that are a part of our tuition fees at uni

    • Good point, didn’t think of that

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    I'm uni student. I prefer on campus, I find it more engaging and my mind is less likely to wonder off. However studying online is much more flexible to work more shifts.

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      i am a uni student too and i agree with you. Its really hard to focus and grasp knowledge from an online video.

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        Tbh lectures shouldn't be used to learn content, they should be used to reenforce your readings.

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    Doing a post-grad course and reverted back to online this semester, feels the lack of engagement, face to face discussion, is a huge negative for my personal preference. Time saved might be a good thing but if I had a choice, I would take the classroom anyday.

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    • Care to elaborate?

      • Probably just me, but cant concentrate well and cant learn a-lot online. I would much rather be learning face to face.

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    You're actually user 402713, misleading username

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      Op probably has a secret past life his trying to hide 😉😉

      • Lol I had no idea what username to make so just typed a bunch of random numbers

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    I am not studying now but I really disliked online learning even just watching a lecture back a few years when I did.

    I feel like my entire uni experience was ruined because everyone’s attitude was to rock up for a class or 2 and go home because everything was online. (Of course it depends on what you study)

    I’ve tried to start doing short courses but I just can’t concentrate on online videos properly to gain knowledge. I need to be doing something practical to learn. Ideally in a classroom with others.

    I can see that year 12s might find it alright(though admittedly it has been a while since I was in year 12). I feel like as long as the school had everything set up properly, had avenues to ask teachers stuff it would be manageable, because at this point in the year you just need to get through the next couple of months and then it is revision. I think it would really still suck though. Not seeing your mates, not being on campus, just being basically locked in your house. For 1st year uni or any year uni really fk that.

    It’s not even the fees and not getting “value” I don’t like.

    It is the lost experience of meeting new people and just interacting with others and having discussions face to face. I have the same attitude with working from home. I really don’t like it at all.

    I get it, it works for some people who need to work and study or those who work from home and need a bit more flexibility but I find it hard to believe young people actually like this style of work/study.

  • I think it depends what you're studying… I did nursing for a few years and that didn't work well online. Now I'm studying IT and that works so well online. I do prefer online because it leaves more time for work, plus I can speed up content to 1.5x/2x and still understand it with less time actually spent on it - so it's tailored to my pace.

  • I have one more internship for secondary teaching and I have been told that it could be online. Not looking forward to it. Most likely, I will be placed at a school in inner-west Sydney so…

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    Having 2 high school students at home & working with many university students at UNSW — majority say they hated it although I suspect some might be secretly liking it (or reaping the benefit, mainly waking up 2 minutes before lecture starts). IMHO being a student is far more than just studying. For me I do remember a few fun things from high schools, and I don't want years down the track someone might ask one of my kids "hey how was your year 11?" and she would shrug and say "no idea, I was on Zoom most of the time".

    As of participating in classes, it's not that whether you can concentrate or not. In high school although being in the Zoom meeting is compulsory, but according to my kids, in some classes you know half of the kids there were chatting on social media or playing games, and these can be extremely distracting.

  • As a teacher, I like it. But it only works when students are engaged in it, and unfortunately, so many are not. My lessons (ranging from year 8 to year 12) can easily be taught online, and in fact it means they have more resources available as I ensure that they have everything they need when learning remotely. In so many ways, it allows me time to give detailed feedback to students, but I can't make them want to attend the online classes, or participate in discussions, just like during our face to face classes, I can't actually stop them from watching YouTube when they're meant to be completing tasks.

    • Thankyou for contributing. Do the students have to have mics/cameras on or do you do checks throughout to lesson to see if there’re active?

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        I've also had a short lockdown recently, and as such as had to do online learning in Year 12 (QLD). The main benefits are, of course waking up later and still going to class. Generally, people my age won't be sharing videos or even mics, unless they are directly asked or addressed. IMO, like someone else said, it can be very effective learning at home as you have a wider access to different resources. However, this depends on the concentration and procrastination of the person; some people like to self-study whilst others find it hard to stay concentrated on the work. I mean, who can blame them. It's not as restricted as a normal class; the teachers only can check up on you once in a while and depending on the work, don't even have a live session. For my classes, it was mostly just using Onenote and doing the assigned lessons on there, kind of like doing homework instead of an actual class. That being said, the file organization was a complete and utter mess and i had to sort through multiple websites and programs to find the right material (Teams, Word, Skype, Onenote).

      • Students don't have to have their cameras and microphones on, but I do encourage them to talk. I ask questions. At the end, though, I tell them they are free to go and work independently, and I stay online ready to help them if needed. There's always one or two that aren't listening at all and their icon stays on screen for some time before they work out everyone else has gone.

  • It's a balance between a lot of things - learning is far more complex than we usually think and good teaching takes a lot. If the course is designed well, the teacher is present (in various ways - zoom, forums etc), and the learners are motivated to engage (and there are lots of variables about what this means. Do you just want to complete the assignment etc) then it can be a good option.
    But it's very different to face to face and requires just as much, if not more, work to succeed at from all angles. There's also a very dark underlying formula calculating how much time you're allocated each semester and how much time is given to mark yr work. The economics of education are awful right now and are getting worse.

  • School teacher here. I mostly enjoy lockdown from a work perspective. I dont like having a thousand watsapp messages every day from a bunch of work group chats. But I feel like I work in a supportive school that is realistic about what can and cant be achieved and what we should expect from kids in the present circumstances. I have enjoyed being able to craft better quality lessons because I have more time than normal. I am enjoying being able to keep on top of things rather than having to just let some things slide because I have too much on my plate when Im normally at work.

    I know that it would be especially hard for a lot of families to juggle everything and I really appreciate their hard work. I sincerely hope that when this is all over and NSW teachers negotiate for better pay for next years award, we can use this experience as a strong reason for why we deserve a payrise.

    • We in Victoria are trying to negotiate but getting nowhere.

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