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[PC] 50% off Hero's Hour (Early Access) - US$5 (~A$6.81) @


I discovered this whilst browsing for interesting indie games … and having enjoyed playing old school classic PC games/series such as Heroes of Might and Magic, Warlords, Disciples, Age of Wonders from yesteryear, this indie game got my attention when I read the developer's description:

a spiritual successor to the Heroes of Might and Magic games - trying to keep the strategic goodness but speeding the game up

… All I want is to have a playable strategy-rpg with pixel-art, real time battles and a procedurally generated world. Not the best strategy game. Just this small little niche thing.

Currently on a sale to celebrate 6 months of very active development, its pretty impressive how responsive the developer is on replying to/incorporating feedback from game players, very quick at fixing reported bugs, and continuing to add content (even map editors), and pushing out builds on a frequent basis.

There is a Free version you can try out - the Free version has 3 out of the Premium version's total of 7 playable factions, that's the only difference.

Why should you consider purchasing this when there's still a few months of development ahead?
  • Its currently on 50% off sale
  • A purchase on will also include a Steam key (this might go away upon the game's release to Steam, according to the developer)
  • The developer has raised the price at least once, from US$8 to US$10, (the developer was advised to price the game $1 for each hour of content in it). Given the trajectory of his consistently regular updates and content additions, this price of US$10 may well go up further, closer to the Steam release
  • You're not put off from supporting indie game developers whose "small niche games" you enjoy playing
  • You enjoy this developer's interesting take on the HoMM gameplay formula and art style, e.g. semi-automatic/real-time battles, procedurally generated maps, pixel art

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