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Brilliant Basics Bath Towel or Bath Mat $2.50 each (Save $0.25) + Delivery / C&C @ Big W


Update your towel collection with the Brilliant Basics Bath Towel. Featuring a a comfy cotton construction, this piece is easily machine washable for your convenience.
Product Features:

Classic design
Dimensions: 68cm x 1.3m
Cotton construction
Machine washable

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  • 3% cashback with shopback?

    • +1

      7.5 cents here 7.5 cents there is a lot of money then you got to $2 shop and buy a bucket to gently hand wash these towels.

      • I see you are a man of culture

        • +1

          i just sort of copied Russel Peters there haha

  • +4

    Wow, just wow.

    • What's the reason for your vote?

  • Do these leave tiny fabrics on your face after you use it after showering?

    The Kmart towel does

    • +2

      No, but these towels are thin and bad.

      • +2

        Tbh i like my ikea towels. Thinner than all my sheridan towels but i prefer that

        • yes I have expensive towels but prefer these light ones.

          1. They do their job to dry you

          2. You can fit more towels in the washing machine.

          3. They dry faster, a God send in winter.

          All this adds up to money saved compared to buying thick towels.

    • Just the face?

    • malachi (esv) 2:3

  • +11

    Saved 50c on the kmart sandwich maker and now 25c on a towel.

    Thanks OZB

    • +1

      If you buy 5 of the sandwich makers you can get a towel with the savings! Xmas sorted.

  • -1

    Thanks brought $100 so saved $10

    • +5

      Where did you bring them to that saved you $10?

      • +2

        Where did you bring your $100 to that saved you $10?*

  • -1

    Mods don't think this is a joke post…

    • +7

      10% off ebay deals are also not joke posts 🤑

  • +3

    Next deal: Coles Pasta now $0.85 (was $0.89)

  • +1

    Good deal, …will use the savings to buy a loaf of the Coles 20 cent bread and 5c Milk.

  • how long these Bath Towel will last? 1 wash or 2 washes /

    • Do towels or dish clothes ever disintegrate?

      I swear the ones my parents gave me 10 years ago from Aldi are going to outlast me.

    • 2

    • I've never seen a towel go down, every towel we have had since being born is still going strong and those include some of the cheapest towels like 50cents bath towels

  • I would love to wager there are 'committed' OzBargainers out there already plotting their 15km+ commute to get their hands on this saving

  • Thanks OP. Bought a few. I find that they are the hotel quality towel.

    • Which hotel are you referring to? Did you mean $65 per day motel?

      • Hotel

        Holiday inn

  • Mine came in the mail today, also got a set 3 of hand towels and set of face washers. Same price.

    • did hat make your day?

      • yes!!! they are quite soft, I also have biege kmart ones which are similar price but a tiny bit thicker and may last longer, but still quite light, but not as soft.

  • +1

    Also available from Big W eBay Store. Free delivery with eBay Plus.

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