New Home Utilities - Best Offers

Hi ozb I am moving into a new house and I wondered if anyone kew the best place to find and compare utilities.

I know sites like finder and comparethe market but does anyone have any info on how to get the best plans etc.
I'm looking for the works, water, gas, electricity and internet.
Any help or guidance would be appreciated or any referrals.



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    Canstar can help

  • Energy made easy. You paid for it, why not use it?

  • Connect now do all services in one go - the works as you said

  • Gas and electricity - sign up via cash rewards with cash back on indicative cheap plan. After you receive your first bill and cash back, upload your bill to energy made easy to find cheaper plan.

    Internet - depending on speed , tangerine is good

    Water - don’t usually have choice

    • Cheers mate top tip for Cashback :)

  • What are you guys looking for when shopping if you have solar? the lowest daily charge/rate? or the highest feed-in?
    for example:
    1) 67 cents daily charge / 8 c/kwh feed-in
    2) 58 cents daily / 6.7 c/kwh
    3) 81 cents daily / 10.2 c/kwh

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