TV - best time to buy?

I'm looking at the Sony x90j and there seems to be some previous deals around 2000k.
Last week Sony site had it for 2295 now it's 2495, although they will price match themselves.
I am one of those people that always buys things then there is a sale next month and given my lack of budget/cheapness I'm wondering if anyone thinks a sale is coming up or where prices are going!

Thanks in advance.


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    When they put decent programs on TV

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    just hit some stores up and see if they can do a price you are happy with.

    • Yea have tried, jb would match the 2295 from Sony when it was on the site but not now.
      I don't know how the Ozbargin legends do to get the good deals! Years Iof practise I guess! 😀

      • Also puzzled how extreme the bargainers must be here to get these deals!

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    I went to Harvey Norman on Saturday and asked for the 75 X90J for 3.1k cash and they agreed without much fuss. It was 3.2k or thereabouts last week at The Good Guys.

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    That's 2,000,000 🙄 that's a huge budget :)

    Didn't some OzBargainers say Sony show has ads?…

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      Haha ok a few to many zeros. Reminds of when Bill Gates had to guess grocery prices.
      Of of interest what TV would you buy for 2000k???

      • Buy a cinema :)

        • If I could spend that money on a TV, my house would have a cinema.

      • Buy the back neighbours house and put a large screen over their back deck to give me some privacy and pair it with an array of projectors for the TV.

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    If you're patient you should be able to get it during a 20% off sale. Good Guys, Myer, JB all have semi regular sales.

    • How patient? Any idea when the next one may be?

      • No, I don't track sale dates. A few times a year though.

  • Hey mate how did you go with this? Currently trying to get it for 2k like the OzBargain elites.

    • Hey I ended up getting it for 2000 from good guys in moorabbin. I used my 5% off gift cards so it was 1900 in the end. Pays to call around, good guys Brighton would only go to 2200.

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    The Good Guys having sale now.
    Promo code “AUG1015” to get 10% off. Brought 65X90J to $2065.50

    Good enough for me

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    You can use the "AFPYDY15" code on ebay right now to get the 65" direct from Sony for $1995 (Afterpay) with free shipping.

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