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½ Price Alishaan Super Basmati/Sunrice Hinata Short Grain Rice 5kg $10, Palmolive Handwash Refills 1L $3.25 @ Woolworths


Alishaan Super Basmati Rice 5kg - Product of India

Palmolive handwash refills
Sunrice Hinata Short Grain Rice

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    Purchased Alishaan Basmati during the last half price deal. Its cook time is unpredictable, first few times When I cooked, it took longer than standard time for basmati.
    I kept it in pantry for a month and cooked and it cooked quickly.

    It doesn't have the aroma of basmati, not the does it taste great. $10 should be its standard price keeping its quality in mind. Daawat everyday is better than this in my opinion.

    If you are cooking biryani with it for first time, dont cook on a special day when you are expecting guests. Test the rice to find its temperament before the big day.
    Or maybe its just me. Forget what all i said.

    • LOL

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      i got a brain aneurysm trying to read that

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      Seems like you are trying to compare this lot of rice with premium variety like India Gate Classic. This is certainly not that but it is far superior than usual everyday rice most stores sell.

      If you want everything that you mentioned, look to spend from $15-19 at Indian grocery stores.

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      Have to disagree with this. Found that the Alishaan one is as good as any India Gate or other premium brand. Cook time really depends on the amount of water you put in so not sure what thats about. We've had no issues either way.

  • Any thoughts of our legendary Ozbargainers comparison with India Gate Classic or Premium brands?

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      India gate classic is the best imho. Rarely goes on sale unfortunately. But, if like me, you use Basmati only occasionally, go for the classic.

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      legendary Ozbargainers

      Flattery to get the information out of Ozbargainers.

      Will it work? Maybe

    • India Gate from Costco has been my staple for some years - great rice. Sadly Costco no longer stock it and the replacement Zeeba is not as good (hopefully it will return).

      Safest bet seems to beware of supermarket Basmati.

  • Thanks OP , Guys from experience, This is one of best rice for value out in the market . I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks OP, purchased in last sale. It taste much better. Great value for money.

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    Heineken bassmati rice?

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    The 'Japanese' shortgrain rice is half price too.


    Different usage but I (profanity) love me some short-grain rice. Basmati can get (profanity).

    • updated the post.