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Castrol Edge Full Synthetic 5W-30, 5L, A3/B4 - $35 (Free C&C) @ Repco


Repco has released it's latest catalogue. On sale again is the Castrol Edge full synthetic 5 Litre 5w-30 for $35. This is more then 50% off rrp. Grab a few bottles to keep you going. This deal is not linked to the ignition membership so everyone can grab a bottle or 2,3,4 etc.

Castrol Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 Engine Oil - 3421196

SKU: A5455964

Castrol EDGE 5W-30 engine oil A3/B4 with Fluid TITANIUM is the natural choice for drivers who demand maximum engine performance from today's modern vehicles requiring a high level of protection and higher performance oils. Today's engines continually push the boundaries of technology and engineering, they are smaller and ultra-efficient, without sacrificing performance. Advanced engines challenge the oil with increased pressures. These intense pressures cause friction, which can waste up to 10% of an engine's performance. Castrol EDGE 5W-30 A3/B4 is an advanced full synthetic engine oil suitable for use in automotive petrol and diesel vehicles, where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A3/B4, API SL/CF or earlier specification 5W-30 engine oil.

Castrol EDGE engine oil with fluid Titanium has been specially modified to transform its physical structure to be stronger under pressure to keep metal surfaces apart and reduce friction. For those that demand maximum engine performance whilst requiring a high level of protection you can trust Castrol EDGE engine oil to outperform their competition. Independently tested at the highest standards the Castrol EDGE range covers petrol and diesel passenger, light commercial and naturally aspirated or turbocharged applications so you can be assured of finding the right Castrol EDGE product for your vehicle.

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    Thanks OP, service was due and was waiting for them to pop up on sale.

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    Thanks. Needed this.

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    Football takes me many places

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      na bro this is the shit

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      Gulf Western is't Gulf. Gulf is good oil.

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    Thanks OP. I was already full up on 5W-30 but needed 5W-40 for the other car and it is $37 for ignition members so got 2 of those.

    • I decided to pay the $4.95 delivery fee and within an hour my doorbell rang and there were my 2 bottles….impressive.

    • Hi , Was wondering is there any difference other than 5w40 is bit thicker? I mean repco website list 5w30 castrol edge for my car but if I select 5w40 then it is not listed as suitable oil for my car. Thanks

      • 5w40 is thicker than 5w30 when hot.

        However, it may have other properties that make them different, i.e. not all 5w30s are equal such as one being low ash and suitable for diesels with DPF.

        Best to stick with the recommended oil unless there's a reason to go thicker, i.e. burning lots of oil.

        • My old euro says either 5w30 or 5w40.

          I might go back to 5w40 as it's an older car and does seem to burn oil.

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        Some people change from 5w30 to 5w40 or 10w40 when the car reaches 100k miles or 150k km.

      • If you’re talking about Castrol Edge A3/B4 specifically, there is not much actual difference between 5W-30 & 5W-40. Viscosity at running temp is 11.9 centistokes vs 12.8, you can safely use either.

        Never rely on the part selector on autoparts online stores, they are wrong more often than right.

        • Agree Edge 5W40 is one of the thinnest 5W40s out there at both low and high temps. Penrite HPR5 is at the other end of the spectrum being thick at both low and high temps.

          Edge 5W40 is thinner at 40 degrees than almost all 0W-40 oils.

          My engine is pretty finicky so I'm happy to change the oil every 6 months even though that only represents 4-5,000ks because at this price it's a tiny investment.

          • @knasty: Yup, agree with all of that. What engine do you have out of curiosity?

            • @Dogsrule: AMG M156 6.2L V8.

              • @knasty: I got the same engine (2010). Have you had good experience with castrol 5w40?

                • @djevoultion: I've only put 2000k on it since using Castrol but no issues so far. It has the 229.5 approval as well as a host of others, and given the M156 demands quick flow at startup I was attracted to the low viscosity at 40 degrees; pretty much the lowest of any xW-40 oil regularly available and I'm never starting it in extreme cold.

                  Mine is an 06 build E63 with 155k; it is one of the very early M156 and makes me smile every time I turn it over.

                  • @knasty: Thanks. What were you using previously? Service centre here is recommending Fuchs 0w40 or 5w40, but I've never used it before

                    Do you have any issues with rattle on cold start ups ?

                    Mine has started to do it and I'm thinking it might need the oil changed

                    • @djevoultion: I used Nulon before which was also fine. The Fuchs 0W carries 229.5 but the 5W seems to be 229.3 only so I'd be leaning towards the 0W. I use the mercedes/hengst filter as well which I got from the US for less than 20 bucks.

                      I've only had the startup tick twice. Each time I gave it a bit of right foot once warmed up and that cleared it. I also use Liquimoly Ceratec which seems to have a good following for this engine.

              • @knasty: Whoa, that's serious kit, expected you to say you had a VW 1.8T or something. I can see why you service every 5K, good idea for that beast.

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    LL is not on special again. Bugger

    • Does it matter about LL if you’re changing the oil every 5,000k’s or so anyway?

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        None whatsoever if you are changing it every 5000k's

        For a standard commuter car a semi synthetic is all thats needed , but full synthetic if you can afford it.

        For any High Performance car (turbo or supercharged and greater then 150kw/200hp) that see's constant abuse every 5000km as a general standard but i would not drag it out past 10,000km , N/A cars can get away with it but its still not ideal.

        Oil is cheap , engines are not. $35 for this castrol and $30 for the Gulf Western above , both great oils. You would be stupid not to change your oil regularly given how cheap good quality oil is to buy.

        Don't forget a new oil filter too!

    • This one's LL01.

  • The 10w-60 is also on sale which comes up less frequently

  • Thanks op. My usual oil. And due for a service. But I do have a Valvoline 5w30 that I got for about $14 after $20 eftpos card cash back from another Ozbargain bargain. so now got next service covered as well. Gotta love ozbargain

  • is this oil better for short supermarket-only trips (Brisbane mild weather) compared to the 10W-30 for a 2011 corolla hatch? debating on whether to stock up on this or wait until the 10w-30 goes on sale

    • For a Corolla you just need to change the oil, doesn’t matter what oil you put in.

      • in that case, I was also considering this 6L one for $17

        • different grade though…

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          According to your owners manual that oil is suitable as long as temps in your area don’t fall below -12C. The 5W-30 in this deal is definitely better though.

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            @Dogsrule: cheers, in Brisbane the lowest I have experienced was 6C in winter at around 4am, by the time its 7am, its usually 10C degrees

      • @asafasr I was going to say what about baby oil but it would probably still run on that too.

    • +4

      Might as well give it a good oil if you're going to have harsh condition like short trips. $35 gives you a very good quality oil.

      Short trips are where the wear happens on an engine, and oil doesn't heat up properly etc. It's probably good to do at least a 30 minute drive once a week to warm everything up properly, including exhaust, engine oil, transmission oil, etc.

      • thanks, also recently noticed that the temperature gauge barely hits the operating temperature since the supermarket is only 2 kms away and that is 90% of the driving we do for that car, for longer trips we use the company car which I am allowed to use for private use…..might have to purposely leave the company car at home every so often and take the personal car on a work trip..but that means I am using my own fuel as I wont be allowed to claim

        • +2

          Well that's adds to the point more - the temperature gauge measures the temp of the coolant in the cooling system (raidator, etc), not oil temp. Even if you drove enough for coolant temp to be at operating temp, oil temp takes a little longer to reach operating temperature - ie perhaps 15 minutes.

          For longevity of your vehicle, it's best to once or twice a week give it a good 30 minute drive. Not only for the reasons above, but even to properly charge the battery. A 2km trip will not charge the battery from what it took to crank the engine. Keep doing 2km trips and your battery will slowly get less and less full. A car battery doesn't like to be sitting at half charge for example.

          It sounds like you really don't need this car, might be worth selling it, and then buying another one should your company car end. You'd also be saving a few grand each year in rego and insurance.

          • @placard: very good points..cheers @placard, didnt know that about the engine oil temp vs the coolant temp…as for the battery, waiting for one of those trickle charger sales again..also realised that the longer driving issue might be solved now that my son will be doing some casual shifts in a suburb 13 kms away….will just get this $35 quality oil as I dont mind spending a bit more as I am hoping to keep this car for another 10 years.

            • +1

              @obiwan: Good idea. A few extra dollars on oil really isn't much, but can make an engine last a lot longer. Change every 12 months or 10,000km whichever comes first. Oil is the lifeblood of the engine.

              That's a good point re keeping the car for your son, and if they are doing those longer trips that'll help the car.

              A trickle charger is a good idea. Putting it on an overnight charge once a month will top the battery back up to 100% and can add a few years onto the life of the battery.


  • Edge 5W-30 has been $25 in the past (Autobarn, I price matched with Supercheap and got an earful)

    • about 2 months ago I bought 2 from each store. Very happy with the oil

  • Amazing deal if you use this oil. Probably suggest to grab 2 or so and stock up.

    Unfortunately for me, my car calls for LL which is 15% off. I should have grabbed more last time there was a big sale.

    • +1

      So does mine, but I use this anyway and change it every 5,000-10,000 k’s without issue.

      • What car have you got?

        I've got an R36 Passat and I'd rather not take the risk. The timing chain + guides was a real pain in the ass to do.

        I'm sure it's probably fine, but for the added cost it doesn't phase me that much but yeah. I wish LL was cheaper haha.

        • +1

          Mercedes c250 (w205). It says LL version for it but I change mine at 5k or so and not had any issues, keeps getting a clean bill of health so far.

          I get it, should really stick with the LL version but my mechanics have also said it doesn’t matter if you’re changing more frequently, so even though I’d be happy to pay for the specific spec, it truly doesn’t matter.

  • Great deal. Stocked up on 3. Cheers

  • Good price, checked my last order at SCA, 35.89 each (SEP 2019…) Not including 5% off gift card.

    May need to grab another bottle to keep self feel good lol

  • is this good for Elantra 2015?

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