Need a Barbell for PT, Recommendations?


I'm after a barbell to do some simple exercises at home. I won't be lifting heavy and I won't be dropping it.

Any recommendations?

Is this a decent one?

I'm in hobart and shipping is a kick in the teeth which is why I'm leaning towards a physical store.



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    The one you have pictured is an Olympic Barbell which generally speaking is used to lift quite heavy weights (think deadlifts, squats, barbell rows). These bars are made for weights with a 50mm hole in the center, from my experience the Olympic weights are more expensive.

    If you aren't going to use a heavy load, I would recommend getting a standard barbell with 25mm shaft as it is cheaper and buying additional weights could save you some $ and give you more flexibility. This is one I have bought previously: Link. Note this one is only 8KG in weight.

    Edit: The Amazon one is 2 months wait I just realised. This one is only a week or so: Link

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      op should go to a gym and see, what types of weights to use

      olympic barbells are more expsnive, but feel nicer, and give you more exercises

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        For me I wanted something cheap to get started, nothing worse than buying something expensive and then never using it. I agree though I used to have a gym membership pre-COVID and the Olympic barbells are just all around a nicer experience than my cheapo standard barbell. However I think you can get a good workout with anything if you set your mind to it!

    • Ok, that makes sense.

      I'll just stick to a thin one for now, thanks for the info.

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    I guess it depends if you already got weights.
    If you're going to pursue it long term, better to get standard size imo

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    This one is basically the same as the rebel one and much cheaper -

    or if you want a full size olympic one -

    • Shipping is $70 which kills it, thanks though :)

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        Pickup available if you're in Melb

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    I know its a bit pricey compared to the one you linked.
    But this would be the minimum barbell i would buy

    PS: last a lifetime and feels great in the hands also cheap for a barbell.

    PS: I've purchased cheap $200 bars before and they are always bent and really are crap.

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      You can get some of the Australian Barbell Co 20kg oly bars for a little cheaper and it's an Aussie company and I believe Aussie made.
      These are on clearance for $330

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    If you're just after something for home use without wanting to go too heavy then I'd recommend the 1 inch bar options from rebel.

    Here's the bar only for $80 -

    Or if you want something that comes with weight plates, this set comes with 40kg of weight plates (nothing bigger than 5kg though) and is $200, but sometimes goes on sale for $120-140 -

    Note that if you think you'll be swapping weights a lot then this will be a little annoying compared to the olympic bars, as this uses a spin lock rather than a spring loaded collar to hold the weights on.

    • That looks good. I have some 1 inch plates from my cheapo dumbbells too.

      Thank you very much.

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    I won't be lifting heavy

    c'mon champ

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      lightweight baby !!

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      Maybe someday but at the moment I'm just trying to move without pain

      I get the sentiment though :)

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    If you're not planning to lift heavy, consider a kettlebell?

    • I need the bar for form, for physiotherapy.

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        Cool sounds like you know what you're doing.

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    I bought this which seemed pretty alright for the price.

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