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[SA] Peroni Red Imported Lager 24x330mL $38.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Dan Murphy's


Was searching for a decent quaffer and I stumbled across this.
Not the cheapest of all time, but pretty cheap for one of the tastier imported lagers. Especially when I drove past two bottleshops that were selling a carton for $45 and $47.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • How much

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    Hate to break it to you, but you've paid too much..


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      Came here to point this out too. I've picked up 3 cases for $81 at First Choice in the past with Cash Rewards…

      More broadly, Dan Murphy is no longer particularly cheap to buy booze most of the time for most things…

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        Dan's is a bloody rip off! Their members specials suck too. I remember when it used to be a quality craft brew, 6 pack for $10. Now it's all overpriced rubbish. I only buy booze when there are good cashback/rewards program deals to be had, and it gets delivered to my door. Much easier, much cheaper.

        • I just got Great Northern (yes judge away), two 6 packs for $24 which I thought was fairly decent.

          Or was I ripped lol?

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        I've picked up 3 cases for $81 at First Choice in the past with Cash Rewards

        That involves committing to three cases, which most (including me) have no interest in.

        Dan Murphy is always cheaper compared to other bottle shops in my area.

      • Bought mine at the start of the year for around$38 from Liquorlannd , after combine 3-4 flybuys offers, only paid $10. The stars must be all aligned at that time.

    • Is Dan still matching prices?

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    It's always under $40 at most independents, i've seen it as low as $32 on occasion.

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    The bottles are smaller but great beer

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    Can’t blame OP though, it’s pretty rare First Choice is cheaper than Dan.

  • Oh my god the autocorrect changed it to a heaps higher price. Thanks to all that pointed it out, I’d never pay $46 for it

  • You saw a carton for $45 and $47; so you post a deal for $46
    Whilst normal price at first choice is $39
    I do not understand
    EDIT: im an idiot

    • It’s changed, chill. Was an autocorrect mistake

    • Haha saw your edit, all good

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    The good Italian red is Moretti if you can find it.

  • This stuff tastes like water…

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