Painter Used a Different Type of Paint to What I Specified (Maxi Wash to Wattyl Ultra Premium)

Hi guys.

I have specified to have maxi wash (which suppose to be a premium paint) for my internal wall painting.

However, now I discover that the painter was using wattyl Ultra premium for my internal wall painting. Painting is all completed now…

I asked him about it, he say wattyl Ultra premium paint is just as good if not better than maxi wash.

I can't find any information about that.

Is that really true?

Can some please share your knowledge about these two products with me.

Thank you !

I am building in WA


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    Quick check shows they're about the same price for a 4L tub so it doesn't seem you've been ripped off. If you're happy with the work & outcome then would just move on.

    Here's the product sheets if you want to compare further:-

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      This is what I'd consider too, then again if you asked for something specific and they didn't tell you well maybe that would bug me too, regardless of the quality difference being probably negligible.

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      i'd pick the lower VOC for interior paint

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  • Is Maxi Wash specified on your quote?

    • Unless OP has photos it is their word against the painters.

      Having used cheap generic paint to paint a new house, nobody has every come through and said "oh it isn't x brand is it?"

      The only reason why you'd use a particular type is because the composition might be different so when you have it tinted it might come out a slightly different shade at the paint shop if you don't use the brand that is on the colour card.

    • Ya was on the contract of builder. But painter said he used ultra because is the same if not better than maxi. So I just have to assume that's the case.

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    I would actually prefer Wattyl to Maxi Wash, but i can guarantee you, you got neither of those brands. Painters usually create their own paint using older paints that are going to expire usually with a neutral base and just put it into the containers that show Wattyl or maxi wash or whatever brand you want to see. More than likely the painter had no containers for maxi wash, so used the Wattyl containers from an older job.

    Unless you buy the paint and supply it yourself and they do not take it off site and you see them use the paint you provide there right in front of you there is no way they use the brand specified.

    I come from a long line of painters, I have dealt with dozens of painters and I never have ever seen one that doesn't do this.

    There is one exception to this rule, and that is if you pay over the normal price for the job and insist they use the brand you want usually you find these jobs cost 20% or more over the standard rate even then there is no guarantee.

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      So what happens when they leave no touch up paint and he needs to touch up something the kids did to the wall? He takes a flake to Bunnings and they say … em… that's Wattyl Wash off white. Do you want us to mix it for you?

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        Touch up paint is not used for this purpose, it is used for cracks or accidental damage. As paint ages its hue changes over time, so it would only be effective for the 1st 1-2 years anyway. If the paint is good quality then most things are easily cleaned off with a cloth and laundry detergent and water. Like crayon or texta, its not recommended to paint over it yourself.

        • Yes, that's what I meant; when they gouge the gyprock.

          As paint ages its hue changes over time

          Yep, it's a real bugger trying to fix damage to the walls by tenants cheaply. I learnt about "feathering" the edges by dabbing a tissue with paint around the edges so new and old paint "blend" in. Do you have any hack recommendations?

          PS: excellent deep knowledge explanation above.

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          Our painter used new correct paint. Maybe all the painters you dealt with are just bad at their job.

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            @Third_Gear: Same here, and they left behind the leftovers.

    • Painters usually create their own paint using older paints that are going to expire usually with a neutral base and just put it into the containers that show Wattyl or maxi wash or whatever brand you want to see

      You can tell that the container arrives with already dried or tiny dots of paint on the container. So if you are painting white and there is dried paint already it doesn't make sense. Alternatively if it is designated colour you can't go around mixing it and getting odd colors because then you can't match it.

      Came from a line of painters that thought they were doing it on the cheap but actually just wasted their time because how much cheaper is it per 10L bulk bucket of paint? Not much after all the trouble.

    • I'm sure painters will use cheaper materials whenever they can, but where is all the about to expire paint coming from to supply the painters of Australia.
      Surely the most usual practice is just to buy whatever is cheapest on the day and not muck around with old cans etc. To save $3?

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    I'd be annoyed as well just on principle. What's specified on your quote etc?

    Anyway, FWIW Solver paints are made by Wattyl. Maxi Wash is probably the same paint as Ultra just in a different can.

    • Yup. On my contract it specifically said maxi wash. But painter used ultra. He said it's same it not better. So I just have to believe it true now

  • I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I would ring the Wattyl assist line and ask what the difference is between the two products as they're both owned by Wattyl. Chances are it's the same or very similar paint. Solver has good brand recognition in a few states which is probably why Wattyl keep the product going.

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