expired Xbox 360 Day @ The Hut, Final Fantasy XIII-2 $30.91, Virtua Tennis 4 $17.63

Xbox 360 Day @ The Hut, Final Fantasy XIII-2 $30.91, Virtua Tennis 4 $17.63Affiliate

some minor price shaves on games previously listed

Final Fantasy VIII-2

Virtua Tennis 4

Tony Hawk shred & board looks good for $23.53, dont think id trust myself not to break it but lol

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    Tony Hawk also at Zavvi. Cheaper postage if you buy more than one item when compared to the hut.

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    Didn't realise they released a Final Fantasy VIII-2 :P Game was just released and it's already so cheap.

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    I wish it's ps3 deal


    Can't believe I've never even heard of FF VIII-2 until now! Must get! :P

    Also shame it didn't apply to the PS3 version, was about to purchase it


    Jesus Christ! I'm not sure who regulates the price on this, but it seems as though Square is giving a massive F*** YOU to those who bought the game on release.


      Pretty sure the prices depend on popularity, if its not popular, the price drops. FFXIII went straight to the bargain bins in Japan apparently very soon after its release


      I remember them doing this with X-2, as well.

      But this time it seems a little more severe; perhaps the game just isn't selling as they expected. Which is reasonable, as fandom was split on XIII itself.