NSW Covid19 Testing Result Turnaround Time

With over 100k testing being done I'm just wondering what your turnaround for test result.

I took a test at Laverty and it took almost 72 hours for the result. All I got was a sms result. My housemate went for a test at a different testing centre (not Laverty) and result was out in just 9 hours with an sms followed by an email from the lab doctor with a letter confirming negative result. It seems some labs are much slower than others.

How long did it take you?

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    Under 12 hours
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    12-24 hours
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    24-36 hours
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    36-48 hours
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    48-72 hours
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    Over 72 hours


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    I’m not a local but I read this article today, seems some people aren’t even getting their results back at all:


    • Yup.. Not surprising given how the test were done (form filling by hand.. Some may not have provided the correct mobile number or from illegible handwriting).

  • I got a test on Monday, results came in today (Friday). So… taking a long time. But had a friend test on Tuesday (different test location) and their result came back Thursday.

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    Mine always come back quick (5-10hrs) if I get it done at the government run clinic but I’m staff, a health worker and in Queensland so it’s not really comparable.

    I would note though that for my last test about 10days ago there was only me and one other staff member getting tested, despite there being cases and lockdown and the clinic being open to the public. I wondered if people were avoiding the government ones thinking there would be a queue.

  • Fore e e e ver ……

  • Ours have ranged from <10 hours to never. There is a local drive through that we prefer that has a sign saying results within 24 hours, which has been accurate for us. The one time that my husband never got the result was at a NSW Health respiratory clinic where they have GPs who actually check your illness as well as do a Covid19 test; it's handy because there are so many GPs now who won't see you without a negative result (which means two trips - drive through test, wait results and then book GP), but obviously it's not great when you wait and isolate 72+ hours and never hear back. My husband went out and got another test elsewhere.

    My cousin had a test done 2 days after her parents at the same place and got her results before they did, so it seems even the same clinics can have variable turnaround.

    We've never gotten anything more than an SMS.

  • I've gotten both mine back within 12-24hrs (I.e. go at 5-7pm get it by midday). Both times were at a Medlab run facility at an industrial area that borders Fairfield LGA (Hard Lockdown).
    Both times the person wrote 'urgent' on my form (no real urgent reason) so I think they're factoring in geography when prioritizing results (which is fair, but I WFH and had no symptoms)

  • If you work in a hospital or aged care and you let the tester know, they usually try to get the result back to you within 7-8 hours. That was near the beginning of the lockdown so it would probably be doubled by now.

  • Stick to the histopath venues. They're great. Super quick. I've had terrible slow results from Laverty and 4cyte

    • My housemate test was done in 4Cyte. Super quick turnaround.

      • Oh well. My wife's 4cyte result …never arrived :(

  • I've done mine by 4Cyte, turn around is about 10-12 hours (had multiple tests there), but they guarantee results to be within 24 hours.

  • Had the test on Wednesday and didn't get result till Friday.

  • My brother lives in Dubbo had flu like symptoms decided to have the test Monday. On Tuesday they went in lockdown still awaiting test results.

    He tried to contact Laverty on Wednesday was told they had lost around 600-800 tests. Then Thursday morning received a message saying they had his test, didn't receive his test result until Friday night 90+ hrs.

    Meanwhile after the lockdown order was issued a pop up site was set up where his partner had her test Thursday received her result back Friday Morning < 24 hrs. Both tests had a negative result.

  • Had a test with Laverty drive through. Took about 60 hrs. (48 from receiving confirmation text, which happened that evening)

    As I patiently waited, I read that they have a tonne of collection sites and only 1 lab, and others also have had problems with this pathology.

  • Douglass Hanley Moir got me results in 24 hours 2 weeks ago in Blacktown NSW but that was before it was an "area of concern"
    Went back again the next week on a Wednesday morning when Blacktown NSW was noted as an area of concern and didn't get the results back Friday night. I wasn't symptomatic in each instance. In one instance I just got tested because the landlord sent the smoke alarm technicians to my house during lockdown and we cane into contact, in the other instance I went t work outside of the LGA so just got tested for safety sake.

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