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Free Doughnut When You Signup and Subscribe for Newsletter @ Krispy Kreme (Excl. SA)


Free doughnuts if you signup and also in your account settings click subscribe for newsletter.

You will get an email in few mins which will have your coupon code to claim your free doughnuts in any KK store around. Remember, this coupon code is valid ONLY for 6 days from the time you get email/subscribe, so subscribe, go grab your free quick

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      you can still travel 5km to collect your donuts.

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        but should you?

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          Yes, if they are essential.

          • @jv: Doughnut is def not essential.

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    How long does it take to receive the free donut email? It's been 15 mins and I still haven't receieved anything.

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      How long does it take to receive the free donut email?

      They take at least 20 minutes to bake in a moderate oven.

      • They bake their emails?

        • No, just the donuts.

    • About 25 minutes from signing up.

    • It took me about 30 mins to an hour to receive the email, but email received sharp (They probably need to use proper micro services and message brokers to deliver notifications quick and sharp). They need to spend on technology, but far better than Oportos webdesign.

      Sooner you get your email, while shopping in malls that have krispe kreame, grab one, as the voucher expires in 6 days. (Take your email while you visit KK)

  • Use a fake email address so you don't receive spam…

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      What if I like spam doughnuts?

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    For those wondering it’s 1 free doughnut when you present the email in store. Not free doughnuts

  • Not sure if they still do it in other states but if you’re in SA, sign up to the KK SA site for 6 free doughnuts on your birthday

    • They still do this nationwide :) Claimed my free birthday donuts in Qld last month

      • I was starting to wonder if they still do this. I didn't get my birthday email this August, and I can't find anywhere on the website to check if my b'day info is correct.

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    Just shut down. Doughnuts are not essential.

    • So is take away coffee from cafe if follow your reasoning

      • Yes shut that shit down as well.

  • I haven't received any email with coupon, what's going on?

  • Does this work at 7-11?

    • No, it can only be redeemed at a Krispy Kreme store. The 7-11 app will give a free KK doughnut on your birthday.