Recommendations for Outdoor Projector

Looking to get a projector to be mainly used outdoor on the deck at nights to watch sporting events, movies and playing on the PS5 here and there.
Going to be hooking up my FireTV Stick to it so Android inclusion isnt a must.

Been looking at Banggood and the variety of Xiaomi 'Wanbo' branded projectors and also the 'BlitzWolf' branded projectors. Anyone have any experience on these ones?

I am willing to spend up to $400. Am I being unrealistic? Will this sort of money just buy me junk or does anyone have any experiences in this price range?

Also should I be looking for certain specifications in particular.

Thanks for your help.


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    I am willing to spend up to $400. Am I being unrealistic?

    Yes. Very. Esp for outdoor.

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    You want to play a PS5 on a $400 projector?

    I guess it will be fine but a Nintendo 64 will be better suited to a $400 projector

  • Looks like I will go with the VP6

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      I have a VP6 which is mounted outside under our pergola. Works a treat and very good value for money paired with a google TV. I do have a cover for it when not in use to keep the dust off it, but its been going well for quite the while

      • Thanks for your reply!
        Been reading a lot of good reviews for it especially for its price.
        What kind of screen are you projecting it onto?